Friday, June 25, 2010

She’s Always A Woman by Billy Joel

Guys, I hear you. Woman can be difficult.

Sometimes they can be manipulative, indecisive, late, brash, impulsive, careless, fickle and sometimes simply woman don’t make any sense.

Now, I don’t buy the woman are from Venus stuff. Yes, there are some basic truths like “when woman ask for advice they are looking for understanding while men want solutions when they ask for help."  While this is sometimes true it isn't always the case. When Diana asks me how to fix the remote control, she’s not looking for sympathy, she just wants me to get up and get a new set of batteries.

Many of these examples of sexual differences are  good things to keep in mind when relating to people as I’ve observed that many of these “gender differences” cross gender lines are seem to be “personality difference.”

“Well Kingsley, in my group of male friends we never talk our feelings like my girlfriend always wants to.” That may be true, but that could be more indicative of your group of “guy friends” than your girl representing the female population.

That being said, what’s my advice for trying to make sense of woman?  Change your definition of what it means to be a woman. Let me explain with a song.

“She’s Always A Woman” appears to be a sarcastic, jaded view of a woman who is making a man miserable. The language is harsh, “ruin your faith” and unforgiving “she laugh when you’re bleeding.” But when you listen deeper into the song and consider the waves of motion in the piano and the gently lilting melody, you realize that Joel is saying something deeper.

Joel creates a beautiful portrait of a woman. After listing negative aspects of his love he concludes “but she’s always a woman to me.” The lyrics define what woman is by what a woman isn’t. Despite all of these “un-womanly” things that this woman does, Joel argues “she’s always a woman to me.”

If you let some of the things that Joel describes like the fickleness and the indecisiveness nature of a girl that you like define her, then she will drive you insane. When we define people by their faults that is all we see in them, all that we expect and that is all we get.

However, if you define a woman by the best part of herself you will be surprised at how the annoying things actually bother you.  She may be manipulative, indecisive, late, brash, impulsive, careless and make no sense but those things will dissipate if you remember that beyond all of that there is always a woman.

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