Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wrigley Gum Commercials

When I was growing up, Wrigley gum commercials had these fantastic jingles.

There was Double Mint:

and Big Red

Even thought this one didn't really make that much sense it was awesome. I mean, cinnamon isn't exactly any appealing taste when you're kissing someone.  And of course, there was Juicy Fruit!

All of these commercials associated gum with enjoying life, while being active and outside.  Now Wrigley's commercials for their new gum are well . . .

I'm not even sure what the flavor of this gum is and who really wants to skydive into a bunch of blow-dryers.  Wouldn't that be hot and really uncomfortable?  These new flavors don't make any sense to me, but hey it's not like they've abandoned their old gum.

REALLY?!? Chris Brown!?!?  I don't get it.  Is our collective memory that bad?  Have we already forgotten the pictures and descriptions of Brown physically abusing Rhianna?  Bad call Wrigley.  Let's get back to gum commercials that make sense that features twins riding bikes. 

Is that too much to ask? 

Monday, August 29, 2011

Madea Goes To Jail

Sorry, reverend, doctor, bishop, preacher lady, whatever your name is. I don't agree with all of this. I hear what you say about forgiveness. You're supposed to forgive. This child is telling what her daddy did. Your dad is somewhere living his life and you're on lockdown. You're in jail because of what you did. Learn how to take some responsibility for yourself. For your own stuff. I can't stand folks wanna be the victim. "This person did this so I'm this way." Everybody got a story.

Your mama and daddy gave you life. That's all they do. No matter how good, how bad the life's up to you to make something of it. Suck it up and shut up.

Everybody got a life. What you do with that life is up to you. Stop being the victim. That's all I say.
I’ve always found the character of Madea entertaining whenever she’s featured on a trailer for one of Tyler Perry’s film. I have no idea why but the weird mispronunciations of words like “Hallelu-er” and her swagger seem like a lot of fun. So when I sat down to watch Madea Goes To Jail, I expected to see Madea go through some comic shenanigans but I got a whole lot more.

Madea Goes To Jail tells two stories. One of Madea getting in trouble with the law and ending up in jail and the other of a district attorney who is engaged with another attorney dealing with a childhood friend who is a prostitute. While these stories interweave together they stand in contrast throughout the film that makes an important statement not just about African-Americans but about all of us.

Tyler Perry both embraces stereotypes with the character of Madea but also presents African-Americans like the character of the district attorney as college educated, well-dressed and well-spoken professionals. And I understand why some people may not like Tyler Perry’s over-the-top portrayal of Madea, but it’s a caricature, almost like a cartoon. It’s so obliviously not suppose to be a real reflection of anyone. The other characters buck the trend of the way that many images in our culture portray African-Americans as rappers, gansta’s or professional sports players.

This film reveals the multiplicity within the African-American culture, which is often forgotten. The district attorney’s fiancée doesn’t understand his sympathy towards the prostitute because she feels like they’ve been given the same opportunities but the district attorney reminds her that she didn’t grow up in a poor neighborhood.  As the story unfolds the interconnections and the way that people deal with the choices in their lives are revealed in an unexpected and powerful way.

The plot-line with the district attorney is intense and only with the comic interjections of Madea’s plot line is the viewer able to process the more emotional plot-line. While the film is does not represent great technique in film making it reflects a deep desire to make a positive statement about what it means to take responsibility for your life.

There are no quick fixes in this film. It realistically portrays the struggles and the consequences the characters deal with.  You don’t seen many films really addressing the issues that Madea Goes To Jail touches upon in a way that both entertains and challenges the viewer.

I’m an Asian-American and probably like many people who are not African-American, I didn’t feel that Tyler Perry’s films were for me. And I’m sure that I’m missing things in the film and I don’t really understand everything that is going on.  However,  I really enjoyed watching the film and if you haven’t checked out one of Perry’s films, I highly recommend that you do.

Rob Humanick put it best in his review of another of Perry's film I Can Do Bad All By Myself:

"It isn't great art, but it's popular art worth believing in."

Friday, August 26, 2011

Buffy, A Little Fuzz-Ball Of Home

 There are many things that make a place a home, like the inanimate objects that fill the space and the familiar smells and sound. However all of these things are made meaningful by the people who inhabit a home and in this way home lies not with objects or a building but rather with the people.

During the first tow weeks of August I took a class at Boston University. This was a nice opportunity to enrich my teaching as well as spend some time in another great city. Diana decided to come along and we also brought Buffy.

We had taken Buffy to stay with us with my mom in Seattle but this was a different situation. Diana and I subletted an apartment in Brookline, a suburb of Boston. While this one bedroom apartment was a great deal and more than functional, it lacked the many of the comforts of home that my condo and my parents house possessed.

For example, there wasn’t an in-unit laundry machine and the kitchen had much older appliances. While these things aren’t that big a deal, after 7 hours of class these little things begin to wear on you a little bit. There’s also the added stress of living in a new city and figuring out the mass-transportation, which while exciting is draining.

Buffy in general did really well staying in a new place, but she did act a little differently. At home when I leave in the morning Buffy barely seems to notice but when I left from the apartment she would whine to Diana concerned about where I had gone. There were a couple nights when Buffy had trouble settling down and we would have to bring Buffy up to the bed and cuddle with her to help her fall asleep.

While Buffy needed us to feel comfortable her presence and her spirit really helped us get through our day. When Diana was doing work in the apartment Buffy kept a watchful eye on her and Buffy greeted me more eagerly than usual whenever I came back to the apartment after class.

When Diana and I got married we became a family outside of our previous immediate family. The thing is that it wasn’t until we got Buffy that we really felt like a family.  In the same way it wasn't until Buffy came into our lives our condo felt like a home. This may be hard for people to understand who have never had a dog, but it’s like, well, it’s not like anything else and I guess that’s what makes it so special.

Buffy needed us to feel safe and comfortable in that environment and we really needed Buffy to well, do the exactly same thing for us. In this way by bringing Buffy with us to Boston we brought our home.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Taylor Swift + Justin Bieber = OMG X 15,000

"You think you've heard LOUD screaming in your life. Then @justinbieber comes out and does a surprise song during your show. Woah. Unreal," Tweeted Taylor after this performance. 

This is some kind of awesome.  Even if you don't like Taylor or Justin, I don't understand how you can hate on something that inspires this level positivity and enthusiasm. 

Watching this video, I can't help can't but smile.


Monday, August 22, 2011

Don’t Leave Me This Way by Thelma Houston

The Disco genre of the 1970s is unfortunately one of the most unpopular historical music eras in pop music. I understand that the popularity of the Disco music got out of control and that people yearned for something different, but the backlash and anti-Disco events like Disco Demolition Night were ridiculous in retrospect.

Whenever something becomes popular, it’s usually based in the core of something that is of a high quality and then it’s the knock-offs and the imitators that breed annoyance. You can’t let the mediocrity in the genre overshadow the great stuff. It’s like saying the Harry Potter books are garbage because you read some slapped together children’s novel about a wizard. “Disco Duck” was a pretty atrocious song but you can’t let it get in the way of Thelma Houston’s masterpiece “Don’t Leave Me This Way.

Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes originally recorded this song with Teddy Pendergrass singing lead.

This group is best known for one of the most heart-breaking soul hits of the 1970s.

Teddy’s vocals are incredible. It’s impossible to really compare what he brings to this song with Houston’s performance. They are both incredible. What gets to me more about Thelma Houston’s version is that there is a sense of both desperation and strength. Coming from a woman’s perspective there’s something tragic yet beautifully liberating about this song.

"Don't Leave Me This Way" starts as being heartbreaking. She is singing about how she “can’t survive, can’t stay alive” without his love. The chorus changes tone to a joyful celebration of how great his love has made her feel. Here is a woman laying it out on the line how much she needs her man. In a way, it’s a statement of dependency but there’s something else going on here.

At the same time this is a song that is a celebration of love and the fact that it is in this feeling that you can freedom. Like the way music can help you become free in the joy of dance, his love brings her that feeling. Instead of dwelling on the pain that he brings her she focuses on the feeling of ecstasy. Maybe it’s not about begging a man who is treating her poorly to stay but elevated a man and making his realize how great a person he is and how the power of his love.

There is something haunting and unforgettable about this song. The opening humming and the beautiful orchestration capture the best of Disco and really the best of music.  For me this song is a plea to people moving on from Disco music to not leave in anger.  While people at the time expressed annoyances towards this genre it's nice to see that people years later revel in the joy disco brought to their lives and I'm so glad that this song is around to remind people of that feeling. 

Friday, August 19, 2011

Buffy Gets Attacked Part 6 - Love & Admiration

Below is part six of a six part series about a recent incident when Buffy was attacked by another dog. Buffy fortunately got through this experience without any permanent physical or mental damage. Click here for part 1part part 3, part 4 and part 5.

The wounds from an act of physical violence can go much deeper than the flesh. While Buffy’s bites were scary, they were something that we could fix and watch heal. There was medicine for this. The psychological trauma was a different story.

One of Diana’s friends has a dog that changed after being attacked. The dog became much more timid and less outgoing. While Diana’s friend has done lots of great work with her dog, it’s never quite been the same after the attack.

So how has Buffy been? Thankfully pretty much the same. Check this video out of Buffy the evening after the attack.

How did Buffy go through that trauma and pretty much come out psychologically unscathed? There’s probably a couple factors. First off, Buffy has a lot of positivity built up inside of her. From the first day we had Buffy we ensured that the vast majority of her interactions with other people and dogs and even herself were positive.

So, maybe because we raised such a happy and secure puppy she could roll through this situation.

I’m not sure about that theory but what I like to think is that the reason Buffy came through the attack the way she did was because Buffy is a strong and resilient dog.  I think of myself going through something like Buffy did and I can’t imagine having the strength to pull myself back together so quickly.

My mom always told me that you want surround yourself with people you admire. If there’s nothing that you look up into in a friend then they aren’t helping you grow. And this whole situation has shown me how much I admire Buffy.

That sounds really weird, I know, but it’s true. I wish I could find joy in the simple things the way that she does. I am amazed at her ability to make people happy and I love how she looks at every situation and every unknown with excitement.

It was the fear of loosing Buffy that reminded me how much I love her. But it has been her spirit throughout all of this that reminded me how proud I am of my Buffy and how thankful I am to have her in my life.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hello by Lionel Richie

Let's make a list of the things that are wrong with this video (we're going to go in order of appearance):

1.  Lionel, maybe if you want to get to work, why don't you just take off the jacket as opposed to rolling up the sleeves.

2.  Someone went a little overboard with the decorative indoor scarf.

3.  Really, you are going to start fantasizing about your student while she is doing a scene.  SIGH, it begins.

4. OK, now he is singing about her passing by his door, but instead he is peeking into her band rehearsal, not cool, she may be blind, but she's not stupid or is she?  

5.  What Lionel doing in the locker bay?  I can understand a teacher walking by a classroom, but what kind of teacher hangs out by the lockers.

6.  Speaking of lockers, where are they?  Is this set in a college or a high school?  I haven't been to a college with lockers like that, maybe it's a 1980s thing, but I'm really hoping that this is set in a college. 

7.  Now she starts working on a bust of what is clearly going to be Lionel, and everyone around her is seeing her work.  Doesn't anyone else find this creepy?

8.  She maybe be talented, but how does she know what he looks like.  SHE'S BLIND!  You can't get an image of someone's face from hearing their voice.

9.  Lionel tries to approach her when she is eating lunch and her friends interject.  You'd think one of them would notice a teacher walking up to a student or acknowledge the teacher as they walk in front of him.  

10.  Now he is in dance class.  Man, the only way he is getting away with this stalking is the fact that she's blind.  Maybe Lionel had bad experiences with stalking before.

11.  The phone call, um . . . did he say hello?  I mean he puts the phone down but she is listening and smiling as she hangs up.

12.  Then the big reveal of the bust . . . yeah, it's not wonderful.  Let's just be honest here.  Though her source material isn't great.

Dude, I kind of love this song, but I'm kind of, really disturbed by this video.  Lionel really should have stuck with singing songs comparing woman to buildings. 

There is NOTHING wrong with video. Everything is pure gold.

Monday, August 15, 2011

I Feel Fine by The Beatles

I’m so glad that she’s my little girl,
She’s so glad she’s telling all the world.

Reading a book in an internet café in Lauterbrunnen Switzerland I started singing the bridge to “I Feel Fine” as the song played in the background. As I sang I noticed that someone else was singing along and as I looked up from my book and made eye contact with a German lady who was also singing along.

Instead of being embarrassed, we shared an approving nod and just continued to sing along through one of the most joyous Beatles songs.

Released in 1964, “I Feel Fine” is most often talked about because its use of feedback. You know that annoying high-pitched screeching sound you hear when people use microphones incorrectly? Yeah, John Lennon decided to make that sound on purpose at the very beginning of the song. Recording feedback became something that band like The Who and artist like Jimi Hendrix. However Lennon’s use of it in a recording is cited as the first instance of deliberate use of feedback in a pop song.

While this is an interesting technical note and an important part of the evolution of recording, those couple seconds in the beginning of the song aren’t the reason that people love this song so much.

“I Feel Fine” displayed the Beatles evolving musicianship. Ringo got away from doing a straight rock beat and added more of a calypso-flavored beat based in the toms and the cymbals. This is a riff-based song which means that John created a pattern on the guitar that the song was written around. Other song the Beatles did were built songs around a melody like “Yesterday.” This riff-based composition builds from blues and soul music and evolved into other great riff-based songs like the Rolling Stones’ “Satisfaction.”

What is truly astounding about this song is the contrast between the verses and the bridge. The melody goes from being jumpy and rhythmic to being smooth and sustained. The two sections could not feel more different but they somehow work seamlessly together.

When the bridge happens it’s like the sun has come out. The harmony opens up and there’s the sweet doo-wop back-up singing. When you sing along with these lines you can’t help but smile and feel the joy the Beatles are expressing.

There’s something special about two people who live across the world from each other loving the same song and singing it together. If you want evidence of how great the Beatles are, it’s right there.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Buffy Gets Attacked Part 5 - The Wake-up Call

Below is part five of a six part series about a recent incident when Buffy was attacked by another dog. Buffy fortunately got through this experience without any permanent physical or mental damage. Click here for part 1, part 2, part 3, and part 4.

With the feeling of relief after the attack and the veterinarian visit, Diana and I were ready to deal with Amy. I can’t speak for Diana but I was pretty angry with her. I tried to be logical about the situation but there was part of me that simply wanted to kick Molly and ream Amy out.

The thing was that none of this would help, Amy already felt awful and frankly Molly wasn’t my problem. So I tried to let this all go.

Diana e-mailed Amy about the veterinarian visit and explained the bill and gave her our address so that Amy could cover the cost as she had requested in her previous e-mail. I thought I was done thinking about Amy and Molly but I realized that was not going to happen after reading Amy’s response.
I can't thank you enough for writing me back. You were way nicer on Sunday than most people would be so please don't apologize. I've been thinking about you guys and Buffy all week and am so glad she is okay. I absolutely should and will pay for your vet bill, it will actually make me feel a lot better. A check will be in the mail. 
Sunday was a wake up call for me. When I got Molly from the shelter she was three years old. We don't know her history and what's she's been through. She's a dog who is very insecure, but she's very sweet and loving with me. That being said, Sunday was too scary and I just can't have a dog who is capable of what we saw...and you and poor Buffy experienced. Molly will be returning to the shelter where I got her from and re-homed.

Molly's come so far in her training, but Sunday was so out of the blue that it completely shook me to the core. I know Elizabeth was shaken too because I have had her in four different training classes with Elizabeth and we've never, ever seen anything close to what happened on Sunday. I don't want you guys to feel that what happened Sunday is the only reason I'm giving her up, it was just the final straw for me.

Molly needs a home with lots of space, no other animals, and no children. As difficult as this decision has been, both the shelter (they're willing to take her back and find her a more suitable home) and Elizabeth feel this is best for Molly and I. Rest assured that I've been very honest with the shelter about what happened on Sunday and Molly's other issues so they can find her the safest home for all.

Thank you again for being so understanding. Buffy is such a cute, sweet dog and she is so lucky to have such loving parents.

I was shocked and without expecting it, I started feeling heartbroken for Amy. Now she didn’t say how long she has had Molly but taking four classes must have taken at least two years, an investment of money, time and care. Giving up a dog after all of that, even with the attack on Buffy must have been enormously difficult.

I have great respect for this decision. It’s the right thing to do, but man, I wish it didn’t have to come to this. When you bring a dog into your home even for a short period and the dog leaves there seems to be an empty space in the house, which I experienced the first time I dog-sat.

What you realize though is that this space isn’t so much physical but in your heart. Even if Molly is a dangerous dog, she’s Amy’s dog and just like the mother who never believes her son on death row is guilty, you can’t stop loving a dog that you’ve brought into your life no matter what it does.

I’ve learned to embrace that fact that I can’t communicate through words with Buffy, but I want so much to be able to make Molly understand what has happened, so maybe, just maybe she could make sure this never happens again.

I’m still angry, but not so much at Amy or Molly but at the possibility that this attack isn’t so much Molly’s instincts but the result of a negligent and abusive owner that made Molly this way.

Molly, I hope you can find a home with someone who loves you as much as Amy does. Buffy didn’t deserve to be attacked by you but you didn’t deserve the hardships in your own life. I know if you really understood what you did you would feel bad and try to make it better, because deep down inside of you, as there is in every dog, there is a good dog.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Caledonia by Dougie MacLean

Feel like something beautiful?

One of these days I'll do an in depth analysis of this song, but for right now I'm content to simply enjoy the warmth of this song.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Boderline by Madonna

At the end of the day it's all about the music.

We wouldn't be following Lady Gaga's wacky fashions if it wasn't for her incredible melodies, and no one would have hounded Michael Jackson if it wasn't for his revolutionary genre-melding music. So, what does all of this "controversy" really mean at the end of the day? It's something to talk about and at the time but when the dust clears what we are left with is the music. This is why after more than 25 years what many remember the most fondly about Madonna is "Borderline."

"Like A Virgin", Madonna's sexual-charged song of devotion came out as a single after "Borderline." While "Like A Virgin" stands out as an important statement of female sexuality shattering the idea of a female pop artist, it lacked the heart and genuine expression that "Borderline" showcased. When Madonna sings that she feels "like a virgin," she is blatantly stating that she is not one standing up to societies image of the way that woman talk about their own sexual experiences. While this bravery of expression is something that I can respect, it's not something many aspire to, but the pleas in "Borderline" present a woman that has a deeper and more powerful strength.

The lyrics of "Borderline" come from the perspective of a woman who feels she is pushed to the borderline because her love is not being straight with her and is playing with her emotions. She carefully describes the way that she views the relationship in the first verse. In the chorus she explains that she is trying and that he is getting the best of her, but she is not complacent. Madonna isn't avoiding a conflict but steering straight into it, not through anger or bitterness but by love. She is challenging her love to be a better man, she is being explicitly clears with what she wants and seems ready to move on if this doesn't pan out.

Think about this compared to other recent pop songs by woman. Remember that song “Don’t Cha’” by the Pussycat Dolls? That song’s level of overt over-sexuality wasn’t so much an expression of strength but servitude and self-objectification.

That is why it is so important that songs like “Boderline” keep getting produced by woman in our popular culture. Yes, woman using their sensuality is way to express themselves when done well can result in beautiful art, but when done cheaply, it’s well, just . . . sad. Thankfully many modern woman artists continue defining woman through their music embracing their femininity and strength in their lives like Beyonce, Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga among many others.

“Boderline” feels like a song from a simpler time, but it’s a song for our time. Through the song's catchy melody and danceable beat Madonna speaks truths about relationships, and the challenges of love. While the lyrics describe a conflict, there is a glow about this song reminding us how great love feels.

Even if we are at the borderline in a relationship, it’s a place can lead to a feeling as beautiful as this song.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Buffy Gets Attacked Part 4 - The Damage

Below is part four of a six part series about a recent incident when Buffy was attacked by another dog. Buffy fortunately got through this experience without any permanent physical or mental damage. Click here for part 1, part 2 and part 3.

Buffy has a lot of hair. Even with her summer shed, she still had a lot of hair. So when we looked her over right after the attack and felt to see if there was any bite marks we didn’t find anything. Buffy didn’t squirm when we touched her all over her body and she was walking just fine.

The next day Diana picked up Buffy and started her regular brushing and noticed that Buffy didn’t want to be brushed on her right side. This was a little odd because Buffy is usually more than compliant during her brushing sessions. I think she’s just given up the fight and has realizes that the less she struggles the faster it’ll be over.

As Diana started brushing Buffy through she called me over. There was a bite mark above her back leg. It was about an inch long and had not broken the skin but it was red and a little swollen.

Diana continued to brush Buffy and found another similar bite mark by her shoulder and while my heart sank, Diana revealed one more injury: a scabbed-over puncture wound.

By this point the feeling of relief I had the day before that Buffy was fine diminished and I again felt a deep level of sympathy for Buffy.

Diana carefully cut around the wounds and we cleaned these areas with warm water. She did fine with this but when the cotton pad with rubbing alcohol touched her puncture wound Buffy let out the pathetic whimper.

None of the wounds seemed infected so we put some Neosporin on them and waited until the next morning to see the veterinarian.

Once upon a time, before Buffy got spayed, she actually like going to the vet. That morning she was having none of it. The vet gently checked Buffy over and agreed that the wounds didn’t look infected.

She took Buffy to the back room, cut some more hair away from the wounds and opened up the puncture wound to check for infection. Buffy came back chatting away in a soft bark which she does every time she has had some trauma away from us but she seemed fine.

As a precautionary measure our veterinarian prescribed Buffy some antibiotics to take aurally. While we were pretty sure that Buffy was going to be fine, it’s always nice to have a doctor give Buffy the ok.

That evening we discovered Buffy’s talent for eating around whatever we wrapped her pill in and spitting out the pill. First I put the pill in some sausage. She ate meat than spit the pill out. She did the same thing with a cheese curd, leaving the pill on the ground, which by that point was slobbery and gross.


Finally I molded some shredded cheese completely around the pill until it was twice the size of the actually pill and Buffy happily swallowed it down and trotted away.

I love how Buffy thinks these things are games.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Lyrics To Star Wars!

Did you know there was lyrics to the main theme of Star Wars?

Okay, that's not the real lyrics. From what I know there aren't any lyrics. This is from an hilarious Bill Murray SNL skit. I was reminded of this from the French version of the song (which my brother sent me).

I'm not sure if this is the greatest thing ever or well the . . . um. . . anyone know French well enough to translate these lyrics?  Somehow this reminds me of "Mr. Roboto" by Styx.

Styx - Mr. Roboto by manon42

Something about a guy taking himself way too seriously when clearly singing a ridiculous song in an unbelievable video.  I've seen interviews with the lead singer of Styx.  He seriously thought he was making legit science-fiction.  Wow. 

Monday, August 1, 2011

Worst Airport Experience Ever

Okay, so I'm going to take a break from this whole, "purple reaction as a positive reaction to music and life-experiences" and go on a rant.

Yesterday I went on the eighth air plane ride this summer and while I've had some airport craziness but nothing was mind-blowlingly and astoundingly ridiculous as my ninth flight of the summer yesterday.

One and a half minutes. That was how late Diana and I were checking in so they wouldn't let us check our bag and therefore had to get bumped to another flight. While this was annoying we simply should have got their earlier so that was our bad.

The thing is even if we had made it one and half minutes earlier we probably would had missed our flight because of bins, or the lack of bins at the security line.

In our security line they ran out of bins to put shoes and jackets and stuff. So one of the staff asked for more bins over his radio. After about five minutes and the line having completely stopped there were no bins. Now I could see a whole cart of bins about to topple over and three guards standing around on the both sides of the screening devices.

The really weird thing was that the person who requested more bins didn't seem to be concerned that the line was getting longer and that no one seemed to making ANY effort to push the cart of bins ten feet so that the line could move forward.

Well, eventually the bins came across and we made it through security. Since we had been moved to another flight we had time to get breakfast. After getting through this ridiculous ordeal of a morning I figure I deserved some McDonalds.

Lunch at 10am?!? Yup, they switched over to lunch at 10am.

Now most McDonalds (according to searches on Google) switch to lunch at 10:30. But the one at O’Hare decided to switch early. Who really wants to eat a hamburger at 10am? Check out this article for more on this issue. I couldn’t even get a McSkillet Burrito, so I had to settle for a quarter-pounder, which really felt weird that early in the morning, BECAUSE IT WASN'T BREAKFAST!

After a gate switch, boarding the plane was announced but wait a second . . . hold on there was a delay. One of the flight attendants was missing, so we waited another 10 minutes to board until he showed up.

Awesome. When we finally got on the plane, we couldn’t take off for another ten minutes because the pilot was late. Really American Airlines? We are taking off 20 minutes late because personnel couldn’t get to work on time.

Ok, so when the pilot finally got on the plane he announced that we had to wait for a “part” so we could take off. REALLY!?!? You couldn’t have taken care of this before hand or during the last two delays?

So, we finally take off, and land without any drama but then we had one final issue to deal with. Logan International Airport hadn’t received a 777 in a couple years and they were having issues getting the Jet Bridge set up. Apparently this was a “delicate” procedure. Y’know people it’s not like you didn’t know this plane was coming.

I don't any meaningful conclusion or reflection, all I know is that morning was truly miserable.  I try to be positive but even I have my limits.  Anyways we made it to Boston. 

Let's just hope the flight back goes a little bit more smoothly.