Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Green Grass Grows All Around

This post is coming up as I'm spending time at a four day retreat with 54 fifth graders our "soft" camping in the woods.  One of my jobs is to lead this songs so I spent WAY too long last weekend learning this particular one.

Ok let's see if I got this . . .

hole --> tree --> limb --> nest --> egg --> bird --> feather --> bug

I can find something better then that:

hole --> tree --> limb --> nest --> egg -->bird --> heart --> blood --> T-Cels?!?

Ok, maybe not.

Ok, well, clearly this is a song that lends itself to many different interpretations.  I decided I need to makes this as long as possible so here's my path . .

hole --> tree --> limb --> branch --> nest --> egg --> bird --> feather --> bug --> PARAMECIUM!!!

good times.

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