Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Why Chris Brown needs to go away, why Jeremy Lin should stay and issue with the Westminster Dog Show

It's been an interesting week with some issues that I take very seriously.  What has been really cool is that I've found some articles that capture the way that I'm feeling and bring some great perspectives to the table.

First there's the issue of Chris Brown performing at the Grammy's.  I’m not okay with Chris Brown performing at the Grammys and I'm not sure why you are provides the history of the beating of his former girlfriend Rihanna and why this is still an important and relevant issue.  This blog also covers why it is unacceptable that he is so widely accepted by our culture.

Then there's the this brilliant article Why Jeremy Lin's race matters.  It's been a rough couple months to be Asian-American and the success of Lin int he NBA is a breath of fresh air.  Unfortunately his success has revealed further racism in our culture we need to deal with.

Oh, and then there's the whole thing about a Pekingese winning at the Westminster Dog show this week.  This is not a good thing.  The breed standard for this dog creates pressure on breeders to create dogs with massive health problems.  This BBC documentary talks about a former Pekingese champions health issues (about 5:50 in).

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