Friday, July 13, 2012

Student Teaching Part II - Teachers & Parents

This is the second entry of my student teaching journals (click here for Part I).

 Staff development. Some teachers are SO not into this time. It seems like a lot of people feel it is a waste of time. i got into it because I'm new to this but I can understand why some teachers get annoyed. A lot of it is common sense and so much of what is going on is something teachers understand through maturity.

It reveals more about the teachers and their attitudes and gives and interesting view on the way they think and interact. I kept thinking that the way students act is a reflection of the way teachers act. How many of these problems and negative attitudes stem from teachers setting a bad example which can be solved by teachers not only pushing themselves as teachers but also as people?

There was an issue that Mr. S passed on to me about an issue he outlined the best way to deal with it. First, talk to administrators and ask for their advice. If they do this they buy in to what you are saying doing and the school district will legally back you up. TALK to administrators about controversial issues. That is important. Then talk to parents after your reasoning is clear and sound and is approved with administrator’s help and critiques. The thing administrators hate the most is being blindsided.

PARENTS: limit what they do. Give parents things to do and do not let them outside of that bubble. They are their to help the band not run the band.

MONEY=POWER. If parents raise money for something they feel they have more of a right to give input for what is going on. This is dangerous. It is crucial that things that should be paid for by the school are not paid through fundraising by parents.

First competition is on Saturday. It will be interesting to see what pulls together and what doesn’t. Did work with both of the drum majors this week and they are getting there musically along with the band.

"Don't looks to the left or right to see how good you can be."

Today was really interesting. Two parents of the kids who were having some of the biggest issues in the band came in and talked to Mr. S. Mr. S mentioned how if you are tough on students and push them then you are forced to make hard decisions. When this happens, parents get involved. Kids and parents are pushed outside of their comfort zones but it is a good thing.

Both of these parents respected Mr. S and understood that he had to do what he had to do. It was more that these mothers were trying to help their kids by giving Mr. S more information to help them out as a teacher. This was an amazing thing to witness. There really is nothing like a mother speaking out for her child.

You see it in movies and you hear stories but until you are in a room hearing a mother talk about her child how it breaks her heart to see them struggle . . . well . . . it's really something that makes you think. Well . . .today starts classes and school. I am worried that it will be hard to sit in a freshmen level class at college and be taught and well . . . it's really going to shade in comparison to what i do during the day. but hell, there's always tomorrow

I gave Katie a good talk about trusting parents and stuff. . . you really can make a difference . . . I hope. . . you just gotta try. .

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