Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Ok, I'm going to try to do an entire blog post on my iPhone. Since we moved I haven't had Internet except for on my cell phone.  We did the whole sit at Starbucks thing which is how I got my last post up but I felt like a hypocrite because of my rants is about people who work on their computers at Starbucks.  Do you really think that you are cool because you are doing work in a coffee shop? That was SO ten years ago.

Prop 8 and DOMA: unconstitutional.  I can't believe it. One of the first posts on this blog was about "Under Pressure" which was an letter I wrote to my future child about my friend Jen's homosexuality and the validity of her love.  Now, here we are a couple years later in a country divided on this issue but making important steps forward.  

Unlike the Brown Vs. Board of Education case that struck down segregation, both of these decision were not unanimous.  Much will be written and analyzed about how this votes played out, but in my book a win is a win.

While all of this was happening I was teaching my third day of summer camp (which I will write about at a later time).  I spent last night trying to comfort Buffy as a apocalyptic thunder storm freaked out my puppy while Ollie cried as most babies his age at certain times in the night.  

This morning I struggled to get Buffy outside to go to be bathroom, which I did in the dumping rain (I followed her around with an umbrella like a golf caddy).  Even through she got fed, she was tired and nervous and right after I left for camp, her whining woke up Ollie.

The to-do list in my head has been ridiculous since we moved and it has only gotten worse, but knowing that this decision was coming filled me with excitement and hope.

Sometimes we think what happens in Washington D.C. doesn't effect us. It's like all the arguing and debate on the bill is the surface of an ocean in a hurricane while the rest of us are on the bottom of the ocean in the calm waters going about our business just trying to survive.

Things trickle down to the bottom and sometimes on way down they completely change the context in which we are living.  The writing on the wall is now the decision of the highest court of the land and this itself hasn't changed the way we as a country feel about marriage for most individual, but it's an important step.

There will be those who will continues to misuse God's word to argue against marriage equality the same way that people used the Bible to argue for slavery and segregation. And a generation from now there will still be many people who feel that gay marriage is wrong just like how many Americans still live with racism in their hearts today.  For some reason, people's fears and insecurities will continue to keep people from living and letting others love.

With all of battles left to fight I am proud to be an American today.  The march to protect rights is progressing as it has throughout American history.  It's in the fight that Wendy Davis refused to give up in Texas and the decisions by the Supreme Court today. Like Harvey Milk said so many years ago, you got to give them hope, and today that is exactly what the Supreme Court did today.  This hope is beam of light that shines through the darkness of the ocean to touch all of our lives.

Man, do my thumbs hurt . . .

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