Friday, April 10, 2015

The Turtle by Kingsley Tang (Grade 2)

I am a stuffed turtle at Toys R Us toy store.  It's December.  It's very crowded.  People looked at me and think about getting me.

When the sun went down and the store closed up, I played with my friend, stuffed tortoise.  We play hide and seek.  Tortoise usually won because he is smaller than me.  We had parties with other stuffed animals.  

One day, it was the day before Christmas, a lady bought me for he child, John.  I got wrapped up in a box.  Finally it was Christmas.  John opened me.  John put me on his bed and we slept together, we played together a lot.

When John got older, John had his own children.  He gave me to his children and we played together.  I was passed on for many generations and I still played with all the children in John's family.

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