Monday, February 1, 2010

Speechless/Your Song by Lady Gaga & Elton John

Man the Grammy’s just keep getting more painful to watch every year but there is hope.

Unlike the the CMA, the Grammy's seems more concerned with spectacle as opposed to the art of music. The amazing Grammy moments in the past weren't memorable because of insane stage effects or mountains of dancers. They were great because of the music.

It’s always been about the music like Ella Fitzgerald scatting right while presenting a Grammy.

btw, this really is the greatest thing EVER.

And Neil Diamond and Barbara Streisand performing "You Don't Bring Me Flowers " for the first time.

. . . yeah, isn’t the greatest thing ever but this performance always gets to me.

These moments featured artists doing what they did best at an amazing level and yes, the music industry has changed. Artists do big stage productions during tours and have high-budget music videos but at the same time, what is meaningful, what is significant is still the music.

Probably the worst part of the Grammy’s was the Michaela Jackson tribute. I mean no disrespect to Michael Jackson, but the 3D tribute performance of "Earth Song" was gimmicky and came across as silly, especially when you saw people in the Grammy audience wearing 3D glasses.

Now maybe it the stuff on the screens were in 3D for the Grammy audience but I doubt it was at an Avatar level. Honestly, the MTV Music Video Music Awards Tribute focusing on his art as opposed to his philanthropy is much more palatable and appropriate.

Janet dancing with her brother one last time. . . wow.

I'll give the Grammy's credit, even in the modern age of the show there have been some truly amazing performances. Melissa Ethe ridge singing "Piece Of My Heart" became an inspiring statement of her triumph over breast cancer (which I covered in this earlier post).

This year the most significant moments wasn't the SWAT team that came in with Beyonce or the lackluster performance of "Rhianna" with Taylor Swift and Stevie Nicks, but it was Lady Gaga and Elton John's duet that truly left me breathless.

After a performance of her hit “Poker Face,” Lady Gaga got dumped into the “Fame Factory” and emerged singed with singing at a piano with Elton sitting across from her. As the camera panned over to Elton wearing Gaga like glasses we were reminded that once upon a time Elton wore things just as crazy as Gaga did.

However, we dealt with it just like the insanity that Gaga continues to display because he could play and perform like nobody’s business. With just her voice and her piano, Gaga proved that she could play as well.

As they effortlessly melded Elton’s classic “Your Song” with Gaga’s “Speechless” and Gaga let Elton jam on the piano, there was a sense of reverence and love. When Elton John sang “How wonderful life is with Gaga in the world,” there was a sense that he was acknowledging Gaga’s fans and also saying to all of his fans, “check Lady Gaga out, she’s the real deal.”

Even more touching was Lady Gaga’s response, “Thank you, love you, Sir Elton John.” Beneath the make-up Lady Gaga’s eyes twinkled with the smiled of a 10 year-old girl. In this moment simply as a fan, Lady Gaga expressed for herself and all of us how grateful we are for Elton John. It was not only a musical revelation but is the most heartwarming moments in Grammy history.

You can’t manufacture moments like these, they have to come from the hearts of the performers. It’s the simply things that have the most meaning. Sometimes you don’t need to look any further then allowing a Lady to give thanks to a Knight.

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