Monday, October 18, 2010

Buffy's Poo

Twice a day, Buffy sniffs around the sidewalk and heads towards bush. She goes up close to the branches, underneath if it’s possible, does quick spin and squats in her poo posture. She looks up, concentrating and then after about 20 seconds, staying in that same posture she waddles a couple steps, coming out of the bush sometimes into the middle of the sidewalk and stops to try again. Sometime she drops poo after a couple steps sometimes not and repeats this process until she is done. Buffy’s record for a "poo walking" is halfway down a city block. We’re talking like 20 feet of poo waddling leaving a trail of little drops of poo for me to pick up along the way.

I love how she makes so much effort to find a secluded place to poo but then ends up in the middle of the sidewalk.

One of things that happens when you get a dog is that you start talking about poo. Especially in the first year of having Buffy we would often discuss not only the timing of her poo but the consistently and color of her poo. We’re concerned owners and frankly poo is one is a clear sign of a dog’s health. And you don’t really notice the extent at which you talk about poo until you and your spouse causally bring up the latest poo update about the dog at a nice dinner out with friends who are not dog owners.

I always pick up Buffy’s poo. Twice I didn’t because I ran out of bags but I later came back to those same spots later in the day and picked it up.  I’ve noticed more now that I have a dog  the amount of people who do not pick up after their dog.

If not you’re willing to pick up your dog’s poo and dispose of it twice a day, every single day for 12 years, do not get a dog. You really need to think about this. Size does make a difference. A dog that weighs 120 pounds poos as much as a human that weights the same amount. Luckily Buffy weighs about 12 pounds and poos about a hot dog’s worth which really isn’t that much of a pain to pick up.

I have no tolerance for dog owners who do not pick up their dogs poo. No one forced you to get a dog. Picking up poo is part of the deal. And I know this sounds harsh, but part of me thinks that if you are caught not picking up your dogs poo your dog should be confiscated.

I'm not seriously suggested we implement that rule but I REALLY I hate stepping in dog poo. It is disgusting. The worst part is that you often do not notice that you stepped in it when you do.  It’s ten minutes later when you are in your car that the smell creeps up to you as you realize that you do not have anything in your car that you can use to wipe it off, save a leaf or a parking meter tag.
It’s not a dog’s fault that his or her owner is  inconsiderate, selfish and thoughtless. There really aren’t bad dogs so much as bad owners. We domesticated dogs and  only way they can co-exist with us help them and take responsibility for them. I don’t really like picking up poo either, but hey I do it.  You can love your dog without loving everything about them, and I love my Buffy-bear even though I do not love her poo.

Hey at least she provides me some entertainment as she poo-waddles down the street.

(btw I used the word "poo" 23 times in this post, wait that's 24 right there!)

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