Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Tempest by Julie Taymor/William Shakespeare

I love Shakespeare on film on my favorite film adaptation is Titus.

This version of Titus Andronicus is gutsy, daring, violent and beautiful.  It is Shakespeare like you never imagined.  If you watch this film, you may not like it but you will be in awe of the artistic vision in this film.  Julie Taymor directed Titus who first made a splash directing the Broadway version of The Lion King.  

After directing the Frida Kahlo biography and Across The Universe, a musical using the music of the Beatles, Taymor is's back to Shakespeare with the bard's final play, The Tempest!

 . . . Shakespeare geek out commencing . . . Prospero changing into a woman totally works . . . Russell Brand as Trinculo is perfect . . . can't wait . . . December 10th!!!!!!!!!!

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