Monday, November 1, 2010

Why I Still Believe In The Power Of Voting

Tomorrow across our country, Americans go to vote and I am as proud to be an American and participate in our government as I have ever been in my life.

How am I hopeful and optimistic about our governments when there’s so darkness in our political discourse right now? Because I simply don’t accept the negativity that people preach and I don’t believe it’s productive for our political process.

There’s no need to put down the other side to build you up. It’s not informative, it doesn’t really say much about what actions people will actually take and it transforms an election from a choice of hope to a choice of fear.

I refuse to accept that as how I make my choices in life.

Both the Republicans and the Democrats have had times in recent history when they had not only the Presidency but also power in the House Of Representatives and Congress. During these times, neither side convinced the population that this was the one true, “right” approach to government for the entire country. What this tells us is that there is not a “right” way of governing but rather a difference of opinion that reflects more individual’s philosophies than what is truly most pragmatic.

I refuse to accept that there is one side that has all the answers.

Lately some crazy people from both sides have gotten a lot of coverage in the press. These people are unreasonable, unrealistic and simply, as Jon Stewart pointed, have too much free time. They do not represent the majority of American they should be ignored. You cannot reason with unreasonable people so don’t bother trying.

I refuse to accept “crazies” in my mind when I think about politics.

If you put aside the negativity, the idea of one side being “right” and all of the insane people who speak louder than the rest of us, what are you left with? You are left with people who are trying to make a difference.

Governor Crist of Florida has made some incredible steps to improve education in Florida. He has acted independent of his party (to the point that now he is running as an independent) to fight for what he thinks is right and you can assume he’s just doing this to get teachers' votes but I think he’s honestly trying help future generations.

President Obama has made a lot choices that aren’t popular. Some people have claim he has ignored the will of the American people and is simply feeding his own agenda. Well, what is agenda as with any other first term president? Getting reelected and right now with his approval ratings he’s clearly not making the choices he is for that reason.

Either you can look at the glass as half empty and think that he is trying to get public opinion by pushing his agenda and just failing pathetically or you can look at the glass half-full and believe that he is truly trying to make a difference for all Americans.

Please vote.  Get people in office that you believe can make our country a better place.  Don't vote by fear, by party or through extremist, vote through hope and optimism.

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