Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Round 8: Buffy Vs. Angel

Five years after the his disappointing experience with the film version of his beloved creation, Joss Whedon premiered Buffy The Vampire Slayer as a television show in 1997. This show went on to become one of the most important and influential television shows of all time.

To lead his show off, Whedon chose a theme by the Nerf Herders.

This punk and surf rock influenced guitar anthem perfectly introduced the show and the main character of Buffy Summers. Youthful and full of attitude, this theme barrels forward building to an intense explosion of drum hits and screaming guitars exciting new viewers of the show and reminding old viewers of the sheer awesomeness that is Buffy.


Before he was Booth an FBI agent on Bones, David Boreanaz was Angel. After appearing in numerous episodes of Buffy, Whedon spun Angel off into his own series in 1999, placing Angel in Los Angeles. This series developed a solid fan base and expanded the “Buffy-verse” with new characters and adventures.

Darling Violetta who provided music for earlier Buffy episodes created the opening theme for Angel.

This slower more brooding theme uniquely combines a solo cello playing the melody with a rock band background. It sets the tone for inner conflict in the main character, Angel.  Instead of with a bang, the theme ends with a question mark leading the viewer into the mystery and suspense of the show.

The Winner:
Buffy all the way.

Compared to the Buffy theme, the Angel theme in lacks energy, purpose and direction.  Angel is not as dark and brooding as the theme suggest (though there were a lot "Angel brooding" moments especially in the first season).  What is powerful about Angel as a show is how the characters triumphs over their own inner demons and the theme fails to remind us of this.

Buffy's theme is a celebration and it brings forth the sense of optimism and strength that permeates the show.  It represents the meaning of the characters in a more genuine way than the Angel theme and Nerf Herder is simply a cooler band name. 

Nerf Herders:

Darling Violetta


  1. Besides, who can resist a band name that is an awesome Star Wars allusion?

  2. I could talk about Buffy all day =)

  3. Remember this scene from season 7?

    Buffy + Bozooka=awesome