Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Save The Best For Last by Vanessa Williams

Man I loved this song when I was a kid.  Vanessa Williams just looked so beautiful.  She owned the emotion in this song with the elegance of her voice.  There's a delicateness and vulnerability that the dynamic orchestra brings out.  Sometimes there's a full orchestra and other times it's just her voice and just enough backing to move the harmony along.

"And now I'm standing face to face, isn't the world a crazy place" is such a beautiful moment, I get chills when she just draws us into that feeling of uncertainty and anticipation. 

Oh wow, I forgot about that great moment when she just sighs over the orchestra.  Yes, this song is a little "adult contemporary" but I don't care, it's that cleanness, the craft in the songwriting that sometimes seems so lacking in a lot of the current music.

This song is ALL good, there's nothing that you can criticize about this thing . . . wait a second.  Yes, sometimes the snow comes down in June, but um, the sun NEVER goes around the the moon.  What?!?  Really.  When it sometimes snows in June, it makes for some funny weather but if the sun every went around the moon, I'm pretty sure we would no longer be alive.


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