Friday, December 30, 2011

It's A Jolly Holiday With Buffy

Christmas 2009
Growing up Christmas was a time when my family got together, exchanged gifts and shared a nice meal. We aren't Christian so this holiday lacked any significant spiritual meaning. As I got older Christmas meant less and less in my family but that’s okay. We have our own traditions and great times that we spend together outside of this holiday.

When I married Diana the question of whom we would spend Christmas with was an easy one to answer. Where my family didn’t hold too much importance in this day, Diana’s family did. So we would spend a day, sometime before Christmas with Diana’s dad’s extended family and then on the day itself we went to church and spent the afternoon with my mother-in-law’s extended family.

Christmas 2010
Over the years, the holiday and the traditions associated with it have begun to make more sense. While at first, I felt like an outsider when it came to Christmas I now feel fully included in this holiday and look forward to it every year and a lot of that has to do with Buffy.

Buffy is part of all of our Christmas traditions. She comes with us to pick out the tree that we cut down by hand every year. She sits under the tree waiting patiently for Santa to come. Of course when Santa does finally comes she excitedly greets him.

Of course Buffy gets presents,

Some of which like Christmas sweaters she’s not a fan of. . .

Buffy comes along with us to Diana’s family celebrations and proceeds to chase around Diana’s little cousin’s and give Grandma a hearty lick hello. It’s cute how Diana’s relatives not only check to see if Buffy will come but expect her to be there and often greet her first when we arrive.

Christmas 2011
Buffy brings excitement and awe to all of the parts of Christmas. She doesn’t care how cheesy things are or the silliness of cutting down your own tree in sub-zero weather. Buffy doesn’t have a clue about any tension or drama between family members, she’s just happy everyone is there.

The shopping, the commercialism and the stress of this time of year can kind of put a damper on Christmas cheer but I’m quickly reminded of what Christmas really is about when I watch Buffy run and down the aisle of Christmas trees and strain against her leash to enter Grandma’s house.

More than anything in the world, Buffy simply wants to be around the people she loves and share with them the adventures of life.  For me, that’s the greatest about Christmas and Buffy is a beautiful reminder of the magic of this holiday.

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