Monday, March 5, 2012

Buffy & Diana

There’s a lot of things I love about Buffy but one of the most endearing things about my puppy is what she does for my wife Diana.

The fastest way to earn someone’s respect is through the people that they love. When John Lennon was looking for a record company to produce his solo albums, the company that won him over was the one that talked to his wife, Yoko Ono during the initial meetings.

I feel very much the same way with my wife Diana. Buffy’s continued care and affection for Diana is one of the reasons I love my puppy so much.

Diana and Buffy’s relationship has evolved into something very special over the past three years. When we first got Buffy, Diana quickly fell in love with the little fuzz ball.

Her cuteness overwhelmed Diana and her puppy charm was simply irresistible. As Buffy grew older the connection started coming the other way as she would excitedly greet Diana as she got home from work.

Now of course Buffy can’t do things for the way that Diana can for her, but Buffy tries in her own way to take care of Diana. There’s the little things like how Buffy curls up next to the bathroom door whenever Diana is in there.  If Diana lets Buffy in the bathroom when she is showering, Buffy will try her best to dry her off afterwards licking at her shins. Buffy almost always watches Diana in the house to make sure she is okay and tries to accompany Diana wherever she goes.

Buffy’s does what she can for Diana and while most her actions for Diana and small she tries.  And it’s the effort that makes expressing care mean so much.

In the crazy moments when Diana and Buffy are running around outside together they make each other so happy. Then there’s the quiet moments when Buffy brings such a center, a feeling of peace to Diana. Buffy is able to do so much for my wife by simply being there, really being there for and with Diana.

I've learned that it's not my job to make Diana happy and I don't think that Buffy see's this as her sole purpose.  But when someone is part of your life, their happiness, their mood and their well-being is tied into not only how you feel but who you are.  We feel so strongly for Buffy and there are moments when I look into her brown eyes and know that she feels this for us.  It truly is an amazing thing to feel someone looking at you with such a strong connection but seeing Buffy connect with Diana in such a profound way feels like . . . hope.

If I didn’t have a relationship with Buffy and all I knew of her was through her relationship with Diana, I would do anything for that puppy.  There's a pureness, a devotion and faith between them.  I feel it every morning when I gently pick up Buffy from her dog bed and place her next to Diana as she sleeps and I see them curl up together before I leave for work.  No matter what else in going in my head, I can't help but smile feeling the love between them.

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  1. This entry really touched my heart. I have a passion for Shelties, having had one of my own for 10 1/2 years, and have recently discovered Psychiatric Service Dogs. I've been wondering how well a Shelty could work as a PSD. Seeing this article makes me think it's a definite possibility. Thank you, so much, for sharing!