Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My Next 30 Years by Phil Vassar

There's many amazing things about Diana's maternal Grandmother.  One of them is the fact that she can find a printed card for almost any occasion.  It's not just that she sends these cards that are special, but she always finds the perfect card.  Since I married Diana, I've started receiving these cards.  I'm not joking when I say that I've numerous cards directed at "my grandson-in-law"  in the printed message.  I didn't even know they made these cards until I started receiving them from her. 

Earlier this week I got musical greeting card featuring this song: 

Though I don't really have any scores to settle and no, I'm not going to start eating salads, I love the spirit of this song.  While I don't really expect to have anything else figured out after my next 30 years, I do think I'll feel better about that fact.   Vassar's optimism and outlook on the "rest of life," is exactly the message I expect from Grandma.

Wait a second, isn't this the guy who did that "Carlene" song? I love that song!

Not quite a stadium rocker Phil, but what a nice sense of nostalgia.

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