Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Come Apart Kid featuring Mr. Tang

Two of my third grade girls wrote a story using my name.  I'm not sure if this is suppose to be about me or whether they just like my name.  Anyways, here it is.  I preserved the typos and spacing so that you can get a full sense of this work.

            The come apart kid

            Chapter 1
One dark and stormy night a boy named kingsly tang was walking down the street.  He had just left school and was going home.  Then out of the corner of his eye he saw some one murdered.  HIs head was cut of and his arm was too.  He saw the murderder run into the shadows.  Kingsly tang ran rite into the dark shadow.
            Chapter 2 
The he felt a bonny arm grab him.  He knew he should have run away when he felt a knife reach his skin.  The next thing he knew he was dead.  He picked up his head and put it back on.  Next he tore off both of his arms with his teeth. 
            Chapter 3
Then he ran out side and started to murder people.  He killed everybody in sight.  Then he ran to his house and murderderd his family.  He took his          pets and made them come apart pets. 

            Chapter 4

Then he bommed there house and all the body parts when flighing! Then he ate all the body parts.  His favorit part was the hearts.  he thought to himself "yummy in my tummy!"  He killed    all his friends and ate then too.

            Chapter 5

Then he started throwing up all over the streets.  Then he tore off his legs and let his dogs eat them.

            Chapter 6

He opened his eye and realized he was in bed.  He realized it was all just dream and was very scared.  Then he looked at his pants they wer soaked with PEE and POO.  Then the door opened and kingsly screamed.  "Sweety are you OK.  I smell some stiky poppy in you bed."  Then his dad came in and said, "I smell some peepee in you bed.  Lets get cleaned up." And so they did.  Then they lived happily ever after.  

            The End

We hope you liked it! your the best music teacher ever!

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  1. You inspire beautiful and totally un-disturbing art, kingsly! I shed tears of joy :'D