Wednesday, January 30, 2013

To Be A Man: Grooming

Appearances are not the most important part of being a man, but they matter.

We live in a culture that basis much on the way that people look and you don't want the way that you look get in the way of them getting to know the most important part of who are, what’s on the inside.

At the same time your appearance should give hints about your interests and express a level of individuality. The choices you make about how to present yourself are a reflection of the values that you carry and the philosophy you have about life.

That’s why there should always be some thought put into how you look.

Let’s start with grooming. How a guy takes care of his body is one of the fastest ways to tell his level of self-respect and respect for the people around him. A guy who doesn’t brush his teeth regularly doesn’t care about his own health and is inconsiderate of the people around him who have look at pieces of food left between his teeth and smell his stinky breath.

So brush your teeth as much as your dentist recommends, bathe regularly and wear enough deodorant and/or cologne so that you don’t smell. Smelling like too much cologne or body spray is as bad as having bad body odor. Don’t overdo it.

Make sure your hands are taken care of, cut your nails and moisturize. A man’s hands shouldn’t be silky smooth and smell of fragrances, but no one enjoys shaking hands or holding hands with rough, calloused-up hands with dirty fingernails.

Hair: No matter what kind of hair style you prefer, from mullet to buzz cut, what is important is that it is appropriate for your surroundings. A professional wrestler looks appropriates with long greasy hair, someone working in retail at Target, doesn’t.

I’m not saying everyone should conform, but you have to think about your surroundings. If the idea of modifying your “look” is such an affront to your “individuality,” then you need to put more of your personality into the way you act than into how you look.

Combing and brushing your hair is important. It doesn’t need to look perfect, but it needs to look like that you care. If you are at the other extreme where you spend more time than most women to prep your hair for the day, then you probably should rethink your hairstyle.

Being a man means that you take care of how you look and take pride in your appearance. It also means that your appearance is not so tied up in your ego that you aren’t willing to modify it for a job, or because of the preference of someone that loves you and will spend more time being with you than anyone else on the planet.

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