Monday, March 24, 2014

Parenthood: Week 43 – The Little Man

Most of the time I think of Ollie as a baby. The diapers, the bottle feeding, getting him to bed and other things like this make you feel like you are taking care of not so much another human being, but a baby.

Someday Ollie will be old enough to talk, read a book and even drive a car. However, right now he’s a baby and his needs differentiate him from the way that I interact with most of the other human beings in my life.

As time goes on, Ollie has stopped simply being a baby and I’ve come to recognize awesome things about his personality. I enjoy Ollie for the cute baby things that he does, but there’s more than cute moments that make the time we spend together so much fun.

My mom told me when I was a teenager that because life is short you need to spend time with people who enrich your life. People you share your life with that make you feel better about who you truly are and make everything you do more meaningful should be kept in your life. People, who tear you down and are a burden, even if they are family, should be extricated from your life.

There are times when taking care of Ollie seems burdensome, but Ollie is not a burden. Even more than that, Ollie’s an amazing person who teaches me about life and challenges me to be a better person.

Ollie loves life. Everything that is new to him, whether it’s a new toy or a grocery bag is interesting and exciting. He finds joy in simple objects and in this way he challenges me to look at the world with wonder.

Ollie loves people. He smiles at strangers and crawls over to other babies reaching out his. There is nothing in the world that makes him happier than interacting with people. This is a great reminder that nothing replaces the joy of human interaction.

Ollie has a great sense of humor. He thinks my hair is hilarious. Ollie also finds Buffy chasing her tail to be endlessly entertaining. Other times Ollie will just start laughing for no apparent reason. Every time I hear his laugh, it’s a remind to stop taking myself so seriously because the more I do, the more ridiculous I’m making myself look.

Ollie isn't going to be a baby for very long, but he's always going to be Ollie.   He’s full of so much spirit, energy and love.  More than just a baby, Ollie is my little man.   

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