Monday, April 21, 2014

Parenthood: Week 47 – Easter Sermon For New Parents

Can you imagine rushing to a hospital when your wife is in labor and being turned away because they do not have space? Can you imagine fleeing right after your baby is born because the government has decided to start massacring innocent babies in an effort to kill your child? Can you imagine your son being executed in one of the cruelest ways in human history?

Joseph and Mary endured unimaginable challenges to bring Jesus into this world and then Mary had to suffer the incredible pain of watching her son be crucified (which I discussed in this previous “Easter Sermon For Non-Christians).”

Out of all this pain and suffering, Jesus’ message of love and understand changed the world. But what does this story mean to us as parents?

As parents we hope. We hope that our kids will be happy and healthy. We hope that they surpass our expectations is ways we can’t imagine and we hope that they find peace in this world, in their live and beyond.

We do everything in our power to make sure our kid’s lives our perfect but we fail at this over and over. Sometimes natural childbirth isn’t an option. Sometimes accidents happen and kids get injured and sometimes the best we got, the well of patience we draw from just isn’t deep enough.

The story of Jesus’ birth reminds us parents is that great things can come from imperfection. Sometimes things not going as planned end up being okay. Maybe not going with the birth plan, in the same way that I’m sure Mary didn’t plan to give birth in a manger, doesn’t hinder kids reaching their full potential.

The story of Jesus’ death teaches parents that there is no greater pain than seeing your child suffer, but that even in this pain, there is hope. The tears of a baby after a vaccination shot, the sounds of anguish of a daughter going through childbirth, and in death, even the passing of a child, there is hope.

The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is a promise to parents that if we make it through the trials of childbirth and if we are strong enough to hold the hands of our children as they cry, we will give them hope. While we will never forget the tears we will be comforted knowing that through sharing in the suffering of our children, we have brought peace into this world for not only our children but for ourselves.

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