Wednesday, March 18, 2015


On November 11th, 2008, I published my first blog post.  It was a simple 250 word introduction.

Six years later, after writing more than 450,000 words, here I am with my 1000th blog post.

It all started as a way to keep my mind active when I was a teacher assistant with the mission of writing about pop music. I loved my work but that job wasn’t as intellectually challenging as my previous job or my years in academia. I started with a post on “Since U Been Gone,”  a song I still hold up as one of the greatest pop songs ever and have gone to places in my writing that I never imagined when starting this blog.

The blog followed the twists and turns of my life and leapt outside the world of music. The first major departure was Buffy, then my life as a teacher, and finally parenthood.  I am proud that in 1000 posts, I have stayed positive and not added to the negativity and darkness of the Internet.

I’ve written this blog on my last three personal desktops, my iPhone, my iPad, on construction paper, napkins, post-it notes, in margins of newspapers, and on the back of student worksheets. I’ve written in our beloved condo, this new house, in the middle of a forest, in hotel rooms, while riding on airplanes and in hospital waiting rooms. And I’ve written during wedding receptions, while pumping gas, watching The Sopranos, walking Buffy and while cooking.


Part of it is habit, and a desire to keep a journal.  More than all of that is that writing this blog has helped me find meaning in my life through self-exploration and the connections I’ve made with people through my writing.

Thank you for reading.

If it’s every post, only the posts about Springsteen, or just the parenting post, I appreciate your time and attention. I have no plans on stopping any time soon, so let’s see where else this road takes us.

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