Monday, March 16, 2015

Parenthood – Week 93: The Best Part Of My Day

Today was one of those days at work, when I was busy the whole day but ended up not getting anything off of my to do list. It wasn’t a bad day of teaching, it was just that other things going on required my attention and made it difficult to focus.

When I got home from work, like on most days, there’s a feeling that I have to hit the ground running. Buffy needed to be walked, work stuff needed to be put away and dinner had to get on the table. Today wasn’t really that bad with the time that I got home, it was just that there was a lot going on in my mind.

Diana had got home around the same time as I did which made getting dinner going a lot easier. After dinner was ready to go, I felt a lot more relaxed but at the same time I wanted to make sure we got eating.

If Ollie is going to bed around 7, that means he needs his bath around 6:30, we want to give him some chill time so dinner needs to happen between 5-5:30. No, it’s not a disaster if we do things later than we would like but in general the evening goes smoother if we can manage to stick to that timeline.

I went upstairs to tell Ollie and Diana that dinner was ready. As expected he had asked Diana to read through a pile of books and now he was done he was flipping through a Harry Potter book.

Diana brought him downstairs and I headed to the kitchen. I heard Diana go back upstairs so I called out to Ollie not hearing him or seeing him. I stepped out of the kitchen and he walked up to me reaching his arms up, asking me to pick him up.

I hadn’t put the dinner on the table yet and I wanted to get everything set-up as soon as possible but I figured he needed a hug.

When I picked him up, he wrapped his arm around my neck to the back of my head, grabbed a tuft of my hair and snuggled his head into the side of my neck tightly. As I supported his legs, he pulled them up into a tight fetal position as he cuddled into my body. I carried him over to an armchair and sat holding him listening to his soft breathing in the quiet of our house.  

After a couple minutes, he suddenly pulled away, smiled at me, wriggled out of my arms, slid out of the armchair and quickly toddled away. After our hug encounter, there was a still a lot to do, but somehow it all seemed more manageable.

Maybe Ollie knew I needed a cuddle, or maybe it was the act of giving that lifted my mood.  All I know is that for a moment Ollie made all my fears and worries in the world disappear.

That was the best part of my day.  

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