Monday, October 12, 2015

Parenthood: Week 122 - Banana & Stars

Banana Meltdown
“Sure, you can have a banana.”

I peeled back the top part of the banana and handed it to Ollie. Then I turned my attention back to Diana and we continued our conversation. Before I could finish responding to Diana’s questions, Ollie let out a loud and mournful cry, “banaNAAAAA!!!

In one hand Ollie had a piece of banana that had broken off and in the other hand, he was holding the remainder of the banana. “Banana broken!!!! FIX BANANA!!!” Ollie pleaded as tears rolled down his cheeks and seemed to spray outwards from his eyes. Diana and I looked at each other barely able to hold in our laughter.

“Ollie, daddy can’t fix your banana, can I get a you a new one?” I explained holding back laughter. “Ollie, wants NEW banaNAAAAAA!!!” Ollie responded, maintaining a high level of sadness and tragedy in his voice. Diana quickly handed me a banana, I peeled it and handed it to him. Ollie dropped the “broken” banana, and took the new one. He immediately stopped crying as he started eating the new banana while walking away from us.

“Two stars, no more stars!”

I saw Ollie’s little hand point at the night sky as we gazed up at the stars on a warm fall night. I had spread a beach towel on the sidewalk in front of our house and was lying down while Ollie lay on my chest. At first we both only saw a couple stars but as our eyes adjusted to the darkness, more and more stars appeared in the blackness of the night sky.

I asked how many stars Ollie saw and first he counted two, but then there was more and after a moment, he stopped counted and silently pointed up at the sky. I explained that the stars were suns, just like our sun but were very far away. Ollie quietly whispered, “far away sun,” as he contemplated the meaning of what I was saying.

I watched Ollie’s hand in front of me move around gliding from star to start like a conductor leading an orchestra through a flowing legato passage. A plane came into our field of visions and I told Ollie that a plane was flying over us, and he softly echoed “flying over us.”

Ollie’s hand turned into a wave and he said “stars, goodnight” as he slowly began to sit up. I carried Ollie into the house as he continued to say goodnight to the stars.

As I lay Ollie in his bed, Ollie said “Ollie sees stars,” and I replied, “the stars are beautiful, aren’t they?”

“Stars bootiful” Ollie agreed.

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