Monday, January 25, 2016

Parenthood: Week 137 - Buffy & Ollie

Buffy was not happy.

She ate her dinner, she got a good walk and we let her out in the back yard to survey her territory but she was still not settled. Buffy paced around the house, whining and looking up at us. I gave her a treat to chew on and while this distracted her, after a couple minutes she returned to pacing around the house.

Ollie wasn’t home.

Grandma had taken Ollie out for the evening and Buffy was worried about Ollie. Buffy was used to being away from Ollie but usually when this was the case, me and/or Diana were also out of the house. This didn’t make sense to Buffy.

When Buffy saw through the window that Ollie and grandma were walking up the driveway she slid out the screen door as I stepped out and ran right up to Ollie. Buffy had only once before went out of front door without a leash and knew to not run out without a leash on.

Once Ollie was inside, Buffy settled down, found a spot in the rug and observed as we got Ollie ready for bed.

Earlier this week, I was sitting in my office, which is two doors down from Ollie’s room. Diana was putting Ollie to bed and they were talking and giggling as they often do as Diana rocks Ollie. I heard Buffy’s faint whine coming from Ollie's room. I got up, opened the door and Buffy ran out, wanting to go downstairs and eat her dinner.

As soon as Buffy left the room, Ollie melted down. He wanted Buffy to stay in his room with him and he didn’t understand why Buffy had left. Ollie is at the age that he needs to learn to respect Buffy’s needs. We weren’t going to force Buffy to stay in his room against his will, especially if she was hungry. Diana and I tried to explain that Buffy would be back but it didn’t help, Ollie continued to cry and wail in sadness.

I gave Buffy a couple minutes to finish her dinner and then I carried her up to Ollie’s room. Only then did Ollie quiet down as I sat down on the footrest of his rocking chair with Buffy in my lap and he reached over and petted Buffy. Ollie reached toward Buffy’s paws, which Buffy did not like, so we redirected Ollie’s hands to Buffy’s mane. He pet Buffy, said goodnight and Buffy and Ollie went to bed.

There are times when Ollie really wants to interact with Buffy. Earlier today he found a picture of a puppy and kept shoving it in Buffy’s face trying to show it to her (Buffy wasn’t very interested). And there are times when Buffy brings a tug toy to Ollie and he isn’t interested in playing with her. Sometimes Ollie chases Buffy around wanting to give her a hug and other times Buffy will carefully sit next to Ollie while he’s watching television and watch him attentively.

Then there are times when they don’t seem to care about each and barely acknowledge each other’s existence, but then there are moments when they express care for each other in emotional and dramatic ways.

There is something special between Ollie and Buffy.  It's unique, heartwarming, surprising while sometimes it causes drama, it's always touching.  Moments when they miss each other are reminders of what it means to be a family and how lucky we are to have each other.

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