Monday, March 28, 2016

Parenthood: Week 145 – Ollie's Love Of Books

“Ollie loves reading. Sometimes in the middle of the day, he will walk over to the book corner by himself and read books for fifteen minutes.”

Ollie’s teachers told us a lot of positive things about Ollie at his conference last week, but this comment made me the most proud.

I remember the first time I read a book to Ollie. He was six days old and the book was a board book version of Are You My Mother?  I somehow managed, still new at this newborn thing, to hold Ollie in my arms and the book at the same time. Almost every since then of Ollie’s life, he has read at least one book, usually upwards of five or six books. Often the same book multiple times.

I’ve always had great respect for people who love to read. I grew up looking up to my older brother Ed, who was constantly reading. I wasn’t as a natural a reader as he was but I wished that I could get into book with the same passion. Ed would read serious of fantasy and science fiction novels and he’s tell me the stories. When Ed wasn’t around I would often go into his room and look at the covers, wished I could get lost in the words.

It’s hard for me to find a book that I can get into, but when I do, I love being able to read before going to bed and talk about books with people. I wish that I could quote Shakespeare, Dickens and have the skills to appreciate Jane Austin, but I am thankful that I have the abilities that I do have to read Steinbeck, enjoy comic books, and dive into non-fiction history books.

Diana is like Ed. She reads as naturally as she breathes. With our passion for reading, of course we would want books to be a big part of Ollie’s lives. Here’s the thing, if reading didn’t have a strong correlation to higher test scores, I would still be reading books to Ollie ever day. That’s not the reason why Ollie has books that he can read in every single room in our house.

I read to Ollie every day, because it’s magical. It’s time when we can be present with each other, thinking about the same characters and the same story. We want books to be present in his life so he can be surrounding by the empowering force that is the written word. When Ollie brings a book to me and asks me to read it to him, I feel successful as a parent because I know that he gets it. To love books is to love life.

Ollie is starting playing around with the alphabet and letter sounds. He asks us what letters are in words that he sees and its super cute. Ollie gets fixated on certain books and wants us to read them over and over again. While this can be tiresome, we understand as Diana and me often geek out about things. As obsessed as Ollie gets with a book, his joy for a new book will bring out even more excitement.

 Ollie’s got an incredible world of books that he has only begun to explore and I’m looking forward to helping him along the way, every single day,
one book at a time.

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