Friday, April 1, 2016

Year 6: Week 29 – Politics & Pop Rocks

Let’s see what happened this week.

There was that 3rd grade class that ended with me addressing students imitating one of Donald Trumps racist remark from a video cartoon mocking trump. That was incredibly aggravating and annoying. It’s rare that I’m not sure how to address students in a situation but that was one of them. I hesitated, and when another student asked why other teachers didn’t want them talking about politics, I stumbled even more. We’ve entered the uncharted territory where a presidential candidate's speech, like an episode of South Park is not inappropriate for grade school students to watch.

Trump’s lies and his racist, sexist, misogynistic and xenophobic remarks continues spread throughout our culture. And seriously, to quote Helen Lovejoy “won’t somebody please think of the children?” Now I don’t find Trump funny ay all, but you do, in a South Park or a "professional wrestling smack talk" kind of way, do you really want the children of America repeating things the horrible things that he says? Really?

If the teachers of American aren’t against Trump yet, they will be as his words continue to seep into our culture and into our classrooms.

Enough of that.

The elementary school science room was set-up this week to share science fair projects. I was standing at the back of the room while a student was setting up his science fair experiment at the front of the room.

Another teacher was standing next to me. She had just changed the water in our trout tank (one of the science projects they are doing is raising trout). The science teacher in the class directed the students’ attention to me and the other teacher standing next to me and starting explaining why she changes the water and how fish breathe.  While the students were looking at us, the student preparing his science fair presentation is having some difficulties.

He was trying to set-up a demonstration using Pop Rocks, a balloon and some Pepsi to demonstrate a chemical reaction. First he had issues with getting the Pop Rocks in the balloon, and then he sills Pepsi all over the table.  He looked left and then right, and after concluding that no one were watching him, he proceeded to dump a package of Pop Rocks in his mouth.

This entire time, me and the other teacher with the entire class of students looking at us are dying trying to keep from laughing watching the student create a mess of candy and soda pop oblivious to the fact that we are watching him.  At one point I simply turned around and faced the back of the room unable to keep from cracking up.

Then the science teacher turns around and saw the mess, Pepsi on the table, Pop Rocks sticking to the lips and cheeks of the student and sternly reminded the student should not be eating the candy as another student came up and tried to help cleanup the mess.


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