Monday, April 18, 2016

Parenthood: Week 148 - Potty, Bagels And Toddler Co-sleeping.

Ollie’s been doing really with potty training. This whole process actually ended up being a lot more fun than I thought that it would be. There was some frustration and some apprehension, but it really has worked out. It’s great to see the confidence in Ollie and see him grow in his independence. There’s still a lot of work to do but it’s been going well.

Ollie recently learned how to pee standing up, which makes going to the bathroom when we are out of the house a lot easier, however like most toddlers, Ollie has difficulty differentiating going #1 or #2. Combine this confusion with peeing standing up and you’ve got a mess on your hands . . . or more realistically on the floor.


A couple days ago, I was packing my lunch in the kitchen and Ollie was looking at a book in the living room, out of my line of sight. I started hearing Ollie running and saying “here Buffy!” I heard the really the sound of Buffy's paws followed by the stomping of toddler feet.

 “Buffy, I have your toy, come play!!!”

Suddenly, I saw a blur of fur and felt Buffy hiding between my legs and saw Ollie walk in the kitchen smiling. “I want to play with Buffy,” Ollie requested. I replied, “Buffy loves you, but I don’t think she feels like playing right now.”

Ollie paused, look sad for a second and then looked up smiling and asked, “Can I have a bagel?”


“Okay, well if you aren’t going to bed in your crib, I am!”

I climbed into his crib in an effort to motivate Ollie to want to go into the crib himself. In the past, Ollie wants me to get out of his crib, but this time, he looked over at me and started singing: “Puff the magic dragon . . . ”

Ollie tried to give me a lullaby and as Diana put Ollie in the crib with me, we settled down for the night. After some conversations and tossing of blanket, Ollie requested, “daddy, move over!” I was already on against the side of the crib feeling the slats pressing into my back as Ollie’s hand pushed against my face.

“Ollie, stop pushing daddy, there’s no more space. Daddy is going to leave.”

“No, Daddy stay and Ollie sleep on top of daddy.”

After a couple more minutes of giggling and silliness, I left Ollie in his crib with the feeling of his little hand impression on my face and warmth in my heart.

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