Monday, July 11, 2016

Parenthood: Week 160 - Big Boy Bed

MOMMY!!! DADDY!!!!!!

Since school got out, we’ve been wakened by Ollie screaming at his top volume for us to get him out of bed . . . at 6:30am, every morning. We figured it couldn’t be any worse with a big boy bed.

When we first brought Ollie home, he slept in a mini-crib. He was this little bundle in what seemed like a huge space. After about two months, Ollie switched to a normal sized crib, which again seemed way too big for him. Over the next three years, Ollie really came to enjoy his crib. He would invite me into his crib and we would read books together. He enjoyed putting a sheet over the top of the crib so that it could be a tent. Unlike other toddlers, Ollie never figured out how to climb out of his crib, because more often than not he wanted to stay in his crib.

Now that Ollie was pretty much set with potty training during the day, we realized that in order to move on to night potty training, he would need a big boy bed. We skipped the step of the toddler bed and went straight into getting him a twin-sized bed to replace his crib.

At first Ollie wasn’t very excited about the idea of a big boy bed and told us that he wanted to keep his crib. We explained that now he was getting bigger, he was going to get a big bed. In that big bed, mommy and daddy could read stories with him, and Buffy could cuddle with him. While I climbed into Ollie’s crib on many occasions to read with him, Ollie knew that it was crowded with both of us in there and he seemed excited when I told him that we could both be in bed and have more space.  We took Ollie to Target and let him pick out some sheets with a cute dog pattern that he enjoyed. We continued to talk to Ollie about how much he was going to like his new bed.

The bed and mattress came and Ollie eagerly tried to help us take apart the crib and put together the bed. This mainly consisted of Ollie touching the part of the bed we were moving helping us hold it. While he couldn’t really help out and often got in the way, we didn’t chastise him for this as we felt it was important that he felt like he had a role in this transition to a new bed.

Once everything was set up, we explained to Ollie that instead when he woke up, he could get out of bed, open his door, open our bedroom door and say good morning.  I taught Ollie how to do this.  I started with both Ollie and Diana pretending to sleep and then Ollie would get up, open the two doors and wake up mommy. Ollie loved this process and insisted on practicing getting up and saying good morning to mommy for almost half an hour.

The first night, Ollie slept in his big boy bed, I was worried that he would wake up, open his door and run around the house. Also, we were worried that he would pop out of his bed over and over and that we would have to spend a time putting him back into bed as Super-nanny recommends.

We were lucky. Ollie stayed in his bed all night. Instead of screaming for us in the morning, he slept in or waited for us to come get him. Even with a wake-up clock that would turn green, Ollie still doesn’t quite get that he can get out of his bed under his own prerogative. Right now, this isn’t such a bad thing. All of us including Buffy appreciate not being woken by Ollie’s screams.

Ollie has fallen out of bed, which resulted in giggles not cries. And he still has yet to leave the room by himself after waking up.  One day, he'll realized the freedom of no longer being in a crib, but until then, I'm going to enjoy the extra sleep.  Seeing him once again laying in a bed that seems way too big for him is a nice reminder that he still has a long way to grow and that he is still my special little guy.

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