Monday, September 26, 2016

Parenthood: Week 171 – Midnight Visits For The Pillow?

One of the perks we explained to Ollie of having a “big boy bed” was that he could visit mommy and daddy during the nighttime. Ollie loved his crib and never learned to climb out of it. However we felt with nighttime potty training around the corner we wanted to transfer him to a twin sized bed.

When we got the bed, we explained to Ollie that he could visit mommy and daddy during the night. Ollie joyfully practiced this, telling one of us to go to our bed and close the doors. Then Ollie would pop out of his bed and come into our room and give us a hug.

At first Ollie stayed in his bed, unaware of the his new freedom. A couple night later, he started climbing into bed with us during the night. At first it was once or twice a week. He would try to cuddle with Diana and inadvertently push or kick one of us. After a couple minutes of discomfort, one of us would put him back in his bed.

As Ollie experimented with co-sleeping, which he was trying out for the first time, he started falling asleep in different beds. For some reason after putting him to bed, Ollie would leave his room, climb up into our bed and fall asleep. At some point in the night one of us would pick him up and put him in our bed. The fight to keep him in his own bed at bedtime wasn’t really productive.  As long as he fell asleep, we didn’t really care what bed he ended up in.

Whenever he fell asleep in our bed, he always was on my side of the bed. At first, I thought it was cute. Maybe it was my scent that he was after. Nope, he just wanted my pillow.  I own a Tempurpedic pillow. It’s expensive, it’s awesome and it truly does help me get a better night sleep.

Now we have a wonderful routine a couple nights a week, where Ollie climbs onto my side of the bed, pushes me off my pillow and sleeps next to me. He’s no longer interested in cuddling with me or Diana, he just rests comfortably on my pillow, shoving me into the center of the bed, pillow-less.

This usually occurs around 2:00am.

No, I am not buying Ollie a fancy pillow, though right now he is currently using a pretty nice body pillow, which seems to make him happy. Is it annoying to be woken up and shoved off my own pillow by a toddler? Yes, but I like to think that it’s not just about the pillow.

The night can be lonely. When I wake up at night disoriented, I find peace through the presence of my wife and my puppy. Maybe Ollie wakes up and he’s lonely. It brings me comfort that he can come into our room and find solace in our bed in the darkness. Sometimes, when I wake up and find Ollie sleeping next to me, I feel complete.  Maybe Ollie feels that too and is simply looking for that sense of family when he come into our bed . . . or maybe he just wants me pillow.

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