Friday, May 12, 2017

Year 7: Week 33 – All The Feels

It wasn’t all my fault but it was all my responsibility. I organized a music assembly. It went long which caused inconveniences for other teachers. As the assembly was unfolding, I noticed that time was passing faster than I had predicted. I had made the call to make some last minute changes to accommodate a scheduling issue. This issue wasn’t directly my fault but I chose how to address this issue. I also underestimated the length of each groups’ performance.

I didn’t do the best I could with planning this assembly, but I did the best job I could with the time that I had to plan this event. I wrote an apology email to the teachers later that day. Not fun to write, but important to get out there. This helped me move on and hopefully it helped the other teachers move forward as well.

So Much More Than Pride
Today, our extracurricular choirs performed a before school concert. During one of the songs, a student had a solo. I looked around and noticed his mother, a teacher at my school crying watching her son sing. It was a beautiful moment to see a parent feel such a deep sense of pride, and joy watching her son sing.

She wasn’t the only parent in the audience with tears in their eyes and after seeing her cry I was one of those parents crying as well.

Next week is our big spring concert. Our middle school and upper school bands and choirs are performing. Everything is coming together nicely as we meticulously plan and discuss details related to the concert. The four of us planning this concert don’t agree on everything about this concert, but we are open to talking about ideas and compromising. Every discussion is reinforced with reminders to each other on how we believe in each other’s intentions and are committed to doing what is best for our students. It’s not about being right, but rather doing what is right for our students.

My excitement for next week’s concert is based on our students’ great work, but also on the wonderful collaborative process in preparing for this concert. Yes, it’s important that the concert goes well; however the quality of the process that has gotten us to the concert will determine how we feel about the concert. I am confident that once all the dust has settled, we will be left with pride in our students and each other.

Rep. John Lewis visited our school earlier this week. The Civil Rights icon and American hero surpassed my expectations. I had the opportunity to speak to him briefly and shake his hand. I was awe from the moment he walked on the stage and I still haven’t full processed the fact that I met one of the most important Americans in the history of our country.

Whatever is beyond inspiration is what I felt in his presence.    

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