Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wise Up by Aimee Mann

I’m sorry.

I pride myself in being a good friend who gives good advice and providing perspective in difficult situations but I think I have misspoken. I told you that the best thing to do would be to give up and move on with your life and even though it sounded like the right thing to do at the time, I find myself feeling differently about your situation.

Thinking about your problem, the voice of Aimee Mann entered my mind. Her seemingly flat and unaffected voice, with its unique ability to express both earnestness and sincerity spoke to me through her song “Wise Up.”

Featured in P. T. Anderson’s brilliant film, Magnolia, “Wise Up” is a hauntingly beautiful song about what it means to give up.

Sometimes when you hear a song it solidifies the way you feel but listening to Aimee Mann’s haunting melody, I realized how I wrong I was about the situation.

Yes if you don’t give up, the pain isn’t going to stop. Unless you let go of believing in the goodness of people around you and hope for something better you will continue to be hurt and disappointed by the flaws of human nature and the realities of life.

However, if you do not believe that the sun will rise tomorrow, you will not feel the warmth of the light the next morning. Belief and hope do not simply determine how we feel about people in our world but also how we view the world around us. It is through this perspective that we make choices in our life and if you do not feel the light, you will never venture forth and your world will forever be in darkness.

You always have a choice, not in what happens to you but in the way that you view and react to life. You can give up and stop fighting and as much as I know that sometimes it seems easier to do this and take solace in the comfort of predictability and negativity, don’t do it.

Don’t give up.

Aimee Mann is wrong. It will eventually stop. This like all things will pass. If giving up hope to find a “cure” as Mann sings is what it means to “wise up.” Then I would rather live in folly.

I’ve realized that there is one similarity amongst all of my friends. They are all optimists and live their lives full of hope. I would never want that part of you to ever change. If that means that there are tears because someone you believed in disappointed you, it’s ok. I would rather be there when you cry than feel cynicism coming from your heart.

The world will disappoint you, people will hurt you and your world may feel like it’s falling apart around you but never forget that you will never go through these moments alone because I will never give up on you.

“No matter what life throws at you, you’ve got to put on foot in front of the other and keep moving forward with an open heart.”
-from Blackest Night: The Flash #3

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  1. At the risk of sounding dramatic, this is just about the wisest and most insightful perspective I've encountered in some time. Moreover, the perfect clarity with which it's articulated just like, landed it squarely onto the point from which a lot of painful and convoluted BS has been radiating for half a decade now. You just blew my mind, and bless you for it. Seriously. Bless you.