Friday, September 10, 2010

Follow Through by Gavin DeGraw

One of the most magical moments is hearing a song for the first time. It is an experience that can never be replicated but every once in a while that feeling of discovery is captured in a song and we can come close to reliving that moment.

I was looking for one of my favorite Genesis songs “Follow You, Follow Me” on iTunes library and accidentally selected “Follow Through.” I was immediately transported to the sitting in my dorm room and hearing this song for the first time years ago in college.

“Follow Through” opens with a beautiful description of discovering a new love. With conversational lyrics reminiscent of Elton John and soulful singing reminding us of a young Billy Joel, “Follow Through,” takes these two influences into a gently unfolding celebration of love combined with a life-assuring plea to follow through.

The idea of asking for commitment this early in a relationship may seems a little extreme, “our love have just begun to blossom and everything is great, by the way I need you to commit to me.” However, the way that he asks her to for her heart is heartwarming and expresses a sense of vulnerability.

It’s almost as if our protagonist has had his heart broken before, “build through this destruction” and he is just coming out of his shell with the courage to love again. As he asks for commitment he expresses a simple but heartwarming sentiment, “all I really want is you, you to stick around.”

What makes this song so effective is that DeGraw is capturing a specific moment in a relationship. It’s this small window of time right at the beginning when all you see is possibilities. The realities of life have yet to set in and there is magic in the future. It’s not real life-long love, maybe it’s more infatuation, but that doesn’t mean that this emotions, this feeling are any less meaningful or unforgettable.

This moment is fleeting and for those of us who are lucky enough, this moment of discovery develops into a deeper feeling a love. While I wouldn’t trade the way I feel about Diana, my wife, after being with her for 8 years for anything sometimes it’s nice to be reminded of that time at the beginning of our relationships. It was a time all I thought about was her, all I talked about was her and all I wanted to do in my life was spend time with her.

On second thought, maybe I'm stuck in that moment.  I still think about my wife all the time, I talk about her constantly and all I really want is for Diana to stick around so that I can see her every day.


  1. Damn he used to be sooo cute! I remember talking about him with you in someone's car like 7 years ago...that is soooo insane.

  2. yeah, he is totally not so cute anymore. I tried to find of a video of him performing and believe it or not this performance made him look the most attractive.