Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Save My Love by Bruce Springsteen

On November 16th, Springsteen is releasing The Promise: Darkness On The Edge Of Town Story.  This set includes a DVD documentary, live concert footage, the original album and CD songs that didn't make the original album.  Below is one of these song.

Really Bruce, this song wasn't good enough to be included in "Darkness On The Edge Of Town"?!? Only with an albums as amazing as Darkness On The Edge Of Town would a song this great be rejected. 

Man it would be awesome if someone got this for me for for a early Thanksgiving present. . ..


  1. With the much-anticipated release of the commemorative box set for Darkness on the Edge of Town slated for this November, Bruce Springsteen's classic record is getting renewed attention in the music world. Fans are surely hungry for all the historic material they can get from the 1978 recording sessions and subsequent tour. For our own preview of what's to come, we contacted Dick Wingate, who was intimately involved in the launch and marketing of the album and tour. He offers an insider's view of what the Darkness era meant to Bruce and the band, while painting an often-humorous behind-the-scenes account of some of the tour's highlights. Enjoy, and be certain to check out the book The Light in Darkness, which one fan said, "… would make a great companion piece to the commemorative Darkness box set…"