Friday, February 18, 2011

Buffy's Vacation Blog 2

Last January Buffy stayed with Aunt Janet & Uncle Jim when Diana and I were away visiting my parents.  During this vacation Buffy sent us e-mails about what she was up to in this Buffy's Vacation Blog.  Last weekend Diana and I were out of town and Buffy went back to stay with Aunt Janet & Uncle Jim.  Here were the e-mails that we got from Buffy last weekend.


Sub: I'm Awesome

Good sleeping! Slept in Janet and Jim’s room all night and I was cozy. Potty early, Pilates forces people to get up which is great for me because I was so happy to have people awake!!! Kibbles is trying to eat my food so when I found that out I had more interest in getting in there to get my share. Lots of butts to smell. Awesome! Early walk, no salt…beet juice rocks!!! I climbed over some snow piles following Bitsey and I kept up really great despite short legs. Outside. Sun. Chewees. I keep following Bitsey so she can tell me what’s next. I plan on barking soon so all the boys wake up. Have a great vacation! I’m doing fine!

Love BuffMeister


Sub: Family Secrets

Dear Mommy,
Staying here as a secret agent has shown me the Peterson's house isn't really all that it appears. I have found a lot of dysfunction. First, did you know when Ryan cleans his room, he actually has carpet? Wow. We found it yesterday. I want you to know that Bitsey has a mental problem. She chases the vacuum like crazy and while I ran away from the noise, she was a maniac in attack mode. I think she needs therapy.

Also, I am sad to report that Kibbles really isn't a dog. He fetches better than me and wants my food. However, after repeated butt smellings, he finally told me to bug off yesterday. This only hurt my feelings and I paced around a lot realizing that he was actually a cat. This was so confusing to me. Last night I slept on Bitseys bed in the beginning but when Janet woke up, I had moved to my own cozy bed with my blankie and smells of you all.

I am having fun in the yard with Chris, and yesterday I chased him around and got stuck a couple times in the drifts. This is only increasing my amazing agility. Say Hi back to Torpedo. Tell him he is lucky that I'm not there to herd him. Today I have big plans. It is supposed to be warm and sunny and I've gotten really in to the yard, the sun, and peeing on every possible part of the yard (and neighborhood) to show I'm here. It's been great. Right now I'm chasing around with Bitsey in the yard. She actually can play and is not just a drama queen. I'll send you a video of me in the snow, later.



Sub: My Video

Here is me barking and playing with Chris outside yesterday.



Sub: I need Therapy

Hi! I'm so glad you are having fun. It sounds like it's nice and warm. I miss you. Grandma and Grandpa Peterson called and they will be coming home soon. They say hi.

I was speaking very high and mighty last time about Bitsey needing therapy because now it looks like I might need it too. I showed my true craziness yesterday. I have this crazy hate relationship with Janet's boots that she just bought - rain boots with polka dots (they are so NOT cool). I'm not sure why they make me nuts but I couldn't stand it when she was in the yard yesterday and I was just driven to bite them like crazy and then I was attacking the shovel. Bitsey was looking at me like I had to get a hold of myself. I was just so out of control.

After my insanity, I spent a couple hours outside with the boys and I had so much fun that I became very very tired. Afterwards, I hung out on the couch with Alex and became a couch potato. You can see me here. His feet were nice and warm. We bonded.

I am a very good puppy even though some things make me nuts. Today the boys are at school so I am going to have a nice relaxing day at home.


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