Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Round 7: Stevie Wonder Vs. Coolio

In 1976, Stevie Wonder released Songs In The Key Of Life which featured the song "Pastime Paradise."

This beautifully and subtlety layered song reflects on people who are stuck in the past. These are people who have become compliant with the injustice in society and view the past, however flawed as paradise.  Wonder urges them to work towards a "future paradise" and realize the past is not the paradise that it seems.


In 1995,  Coolio scored a huge crossover hit with "Gangsta's Paradise" featured on the soundtrack of Dangerous Minds.

Coolio passionately raps about what it's like to be raised and live as a modern "gangsta." The picture that Coolio paints isn’t a pretty one. It’s a life that some may idealize as a paradise but in reality is a frustrating and hopeless existence.

The Winner:
NEITHER! A third contender just swooped in and beat both songs out!

Next week: Buffy Vs. Angel!

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