Monday, May 23, 2011

Jack Sparrow by The Lonely Island featuring Michael Bolton

No, I didn’t see the new Pirates of the Caribbean film last weekend. Honestly, the last film confused me so much that I am particular eager to revisit that universe right now.

Don’t get me wrong, I thought the first three films were a lot of fun specially the first one. It was a fresh take on the pirate genre and Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow is one of the greatest characters in film. Apparently I’m not the only person who feels this way.

Andy Sandberg came onto the musical landscape with his SNL digital shorts. First there was the epic “Lazy Sunday” and of course “I’m On A Boat.”

With the release of their new album Turtlenecks And Chains, they premiered the video to “Jack Sparrow” on SNL a couple weeks ago. I immediately thought this was the funniest thing Sandberg’s group The Lonely Island came up with but it left my wife slightly mystified and I understand why.

First off, you have to understand what is awesome and not so awesome about Michael Bolton. This 1990s adult contemporary singer was probably the furthest thing from “cool” growing up. He hit the charts with covers of classic soul songs like “When A Man Loves A Woman.”

So to have to him appear nonsensically with The Lonely Island is pretty weird but funny at the same time. When SNL does impressions of people often they create characters that do not even vaguely resemble the person they are trying to imitate, like Jimmy Fallon’s Barry Gibb. They add random aspects to their personality that may not make logical sense but somehow work just like Bolton being a geeky film fan.

The Lonely Island switched things up and play the straight man role pretending to be legit rap stars talking about clubbing. For once they are not making a fool out of themselves and their reactions to Michael Bolton are hilarious.

Of course this would never happen in reality. The song would stop and they would have a discussion but the idea that the song keeps going and they are trying to work it out while Bolton just can’t get on the same page is hysterical. He just doesn’t seem to get what is bugging the boys about this chorus  (which is well done and creates a really cool musical juxtaposition with the verse).

"Jack Sparrow" is both well-crafted and silly.  It's preposterous while somehow being logical and seriously seeing Michael Bolton dress us like Erin Brockovich, priceless.

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