Monday, May 16, 2011

Why You Should Go See Bridesmaids . . .

Last Saturday afternoon Diana and I decided that we would visit the Garfield Park Arboretum. It was a gloomy day and we figured seeming some flowers and exotic plants would be a fun way to spend the afternoon.

However after a quick discussion and the fact that the Arboretum was a half an hour drive, my wife and I decided to run across the street to our local movie theater and watch Bridemaids.

While the trailer looked funny it was the fact that the reviews for this movie kept coming in really positive that convinced me to go. Three and a half stars from Roger Ebert isn’t something to scoff at and after watching the film I realize what the critics are so excited about.

Bridesmaids is raunchy. It features one scene in the first third of the film, which is a South Park scene come to life. There is liberal use of expletives and the subject of many of the conversations firmly earns the R rating. While it’s fun to see that woman can be just as gross as the guys. As great as these scenes are this is really not what the film is about.

This is a film about woman, but it’s not a chick flic.  It’s kind of a romantic comedy but it doesn’t have any of the clich├ęs from that genre. Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo have written a script that subtlety articulates the way that woman interact with each other. Each conversation while laced with jokes speak to deeper feelings like when Annie played by Kristen Wiig freaks out at the Bridal Shower. On the surface it’s brilliant physical comedy but at the same time she is speaking to her own thoughts and insecurities adding a layer of depth and drama.

My favorite scene features Melissa McCarthy (the character in the trailer who burps), talking the Kristen Wiig. McCarthy plays this character as an vulgar more masculine counter-balance to the other  bridesmaids, but somehow in this quiet scene between her and Wiig she peels back that surface of the character showing a touching and powerful expression of friendship.

There are many scenes like this in the film reminding us how hard it is truly is to be a great comedic actor and how much heart this film has.  Bridesmaids a challenging film. It doesn’t go where you expect, it doesn’t resolve perfectly and it’s brave not only in it’s vulgarity, but where it goes emotionally.

Yeah, you come in expecting an all out raunch-fest and the film gives you a little of that but the other stuff, the rest of the film will really make you think about the woman in your life, the chinks in all of our armor and what it really means to be a friend.

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