Monday, April 30, 2012

Time After Time by Cyndi Lauper

Cyndi Lauper is so much more than a girl who wants to have fun. 

After releasing her iconic hit “Girls Just Want To Have Fun,” she released “Time After Time” as a single, which became her second most successful song.

When I was growing up Cyndi Lauper and Madonna seemed similar.  They both had the same dyed hair and clothing style.  Now if you compared the two, they could not be more different.  While Madonna has continued to work hard to be in the public eye and up with trends in pop music, Lauper has taken a quieter route. 

This artist in this acoustic performance of “Time After Time,” is who Cyndi Lauper has evolved into and there’s hints of this sensitivity and maturity in “Time After Time.”

Lauper takes the cliché of “time after time,” the idea that someone does something persistently, often with a negative feeling into a feeling of reassurance.  With gentle imagery in the first verse and the feeling of longing and sadness she reassures in the chorus that she will be there.

With unforgettable and thought-provoking lines like “the second hand unwinds,” and “the drum beats out of time,” Lauper paints a beautiful picture of insecurity, hope and love.  Lauper has an almost child-like voice.  It’s small, but powerful like Lauper herself.  Within her small stature there is a powerful artists and within her gentle voice there is great expression and depth. 

I grew up with this song and never thought anything of it until seeing it featured in an 8th grade play I went to last weekend.

The promise of this song is not something that you understand early in life.  When you are young you have parents, friends and sibling and you don’t think that they will ever not be there. 
Then you grow up and people pass away, friends move away and you realize how everything in life doesn’t last forever.  You can’t know for sure that you can always be there for someone but you can promise. 

When you do this, it’s not about lying or being unrealistic, it’s about expressing a feeling.  It’s saying that against the odds, against reality, you will be there.  That desire and commitment to do whatever you can, time after time to be there, is what connects us to the ones we love and motivates us to be not for ourselves but for each other.  

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