Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Top 5 Boy Bands Songs

Before I take some time to consider the new boy band One Direction, let's take a look at my personal 5 favorite boy bands songs:

5.  "Shape Of My Heart" by The Backstreet Boys

The Backstreet Boys ushered in a new era in Boy Bands in the early 1990s.  While they didn't dance as well as some other groups they had charisma and were able to turn standard pop fair into enormous hits.  Oh, and they could actually sing which is demonstrated in the performance above.  "Shape Of My Heart" is a later hit that is "I Want It That Way" with lyrics that make a little bit more sense and an amazing bridge.   

4.  "Motownphilly" by Boyz II Men

This was the lead single off of their first album.  Before they scored hits with slow songs and  expressions of how they would make love to you (check out this post), these boyz could really rock.  

3.  "Tearing Up My Heart" by 'N Sync

A beautifully crafted song, this song starts out with a solo calling out an awesome hook.  We all knew there was something special about the break-down of this song, little did we know that it was Justin Timberlake and the artist he would become.

2.  "Just A Little Misunderstanding" by The Jackson 5

This song was an album cut.  AN ALBUM cut!  This means they recorded this song and didn't think it was very good so they didn't release it as a single.  Seriously.  Any boy band that has album cuts this strong is truly amazing. 

1.  "Twist And Shout" by The Beatles

The Beatles were important for many reasons and one of them was because they were the first boy band in pop music.  Yes, the Beatles became so much more than a boy band but watching this performance it becomes clear what every boy band tries to capture.  Like so many other things in pop music The Beatles did it first and they did it best. 

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