Friday, June 8, 2012

Year 2: Week 37 – Year 2

Wow, it’s over.

My second year at this school has come to a close.

How was the second year compared to the first year?

In some ways it was more difficult. The innocence of being a new teachers means that you don’t really know what’s going on and people are okay with that. While I didn’t understand the arch of the school year last year, this also meant that I didn’t stress as much about upcoming events because I didn’t know what to stress out about.

I took on new roles at the school. I was on a committee and people involved me more in important discussions. Yesterday for example I worked with the fifth grade team to create the new class arrangements for sixth grade. This isn’t a conversation that music teachers are usually a part of but because of my relationship with these teachers I was able to contribute. While this is a flattering thing and while I really enjoy being a part of conversations, it takes time away from other things that I need to attend to.

When you are in an organization and do effective work, people seek you out and this was definitely a year where I felt close to over-committing my time to different events and people around the school. It’s a great feeling that people want my help with things but learning to say “no,” changed from something that was a good idea last year to something I needed to do for survival.

While there were things about this year that were harder, many things made this year so much more meaningful.

I knew people. Instead of having to get to know all of my students for the first time, many of my students carried on from last year. I had relationships with the administration and other teachers that had developed into friendships. Instead of walking into a building full of strangers last year, this year I walked in feeling like I was coming home to a family.

Knowing the scope of the year meant that there was more stress but also there was more things to look forward to. Yes, the magic of doing something for the first time was gone for many events but there was a different magic: bringing these experiences to my new students.

I loved my year as a second year teacher. I had more of a feeling of control and I was able to trust in my own instincts as other teachers trusted in me. I’m not sure what to expect in year 3, but I’m looking forward to the new challenges that will arise. For now, I will enjoy spending time reflecting on a fantastic year, amazing memories and the students I feel proud to have work with.

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