Monday, December 3, 2012

8th Grade Playlist: 7 - The Scientist by Morgan Gold/Coldplay

Dear Morgan,

Musical heroes: Train, Taylor Swift The Black Keys, and you, Morgan Gold.

I’m a music teacher in Chicago.  To get to know my 8th graders, I asked them to send me youtube clips of their musical heroes.  A lot of the clips were what I expected, but there were some videos that were surprises like your performance of “The Scientist” by Coldplay.

I know this song well. “The Scientist” is the first Coldplay song that connected with me. The washed out production of "Clocks," while unique, didn’t really capture my imagination.  It wasn’t until I saw Chris Martin perform this song that I got drawn into their world.

There is something magical about this song. It’s like a great novel. You know there’s a deeper story and instead of becoming frustrated that it’s not revealed, you are excited that you get a glimpse. This is a song about vulnerabilities, insecurities and hope.

If it’s possible to love a song because of one line, then I love this song because of “you don’t know how lovely you are.” It’s one of the most beautiful moments in music I’ve ever heard and the setting and arrangement of these words truly is beautiful.

This is what I brought with me when I watched your video for the first time, but there was something more than just the song itself that made this video powerful for me.

We so often focus on the worst of the Internet and how it enables bad behavior.  Sometimes we forget the amazing connections that can be made because of technology. What you’ve done is a great example of what’s amazing about not only music but the internet itself.

Morgan, you were brave enough to put yourself out there and because of your courage you’ve inspired people and you are at least one person’s musical hero. That’s a big deal. Right now your video has 371 views. It doesn’t seem a lot when compared to the amount of views that popular videos get, but it’s still amazing when you try to imagine all of those people in one room. 

We live in a world now where young people are empowered not only to create and share their art but to inspire other young people. I’m so excited for your generation to be able to have this exchange.  I can’t think of a better song and performance than your rendition of “The Scientist,” to represent what that means.

There’s no irony, cynicism, or sarcasm in your performance. It’s devoid of everything that people who don’t know young people unfairly stereotype about people your age. And like the lyrics suggest, this performance gets back to the start: music's role in connecting us to other people through our shared humanity. 

Keep creating Morgan, keep playing and keep singing.


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  1. I love it when folks of all walks are making music. . . no matter what it is.