Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Winter Break Wisdom: Forcing Meaning Into Milestones

Sometimes we don’t trust life.

Birthday parties, prom, graduation, wedding reception, the birth of your first child . . .

These are all events in life that we sometimes over-plan and build up to be pivotal life-changing moments. We tell ourselves that if the limo is a certain color or that the center pieces are perfect than the moments will be that much more special, and that much more meaningful.

We do this out of fear because we don’t want these things that everybody talks about being so important to fall short of our expectations. Well, here’s the thing, often times these things don’t live up to expectations, because these events mean different things to different people and no amount of fore planning or micromanagement can ensure that these will be life-altering experiences.

Trust that life will bring you the experiences that you need to find meaning. Let go of this idea that you can make something special by adding material things and by taking control of these special moments.

Look for meaning not in the moments themselves but how they connect to other points in life from the past and in the future. Look for meaning not in people who share in these moments but by what you share with these people and look for meaning not only in these milestones but in every day of your life.

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