Wednesday, February 6, 2013

To Be A Man: Fashion

Men have always been into fashion.

It may seem that fashion is an interest only for women but here’s the thing: every time you make a choice on what to wear and how you wear it you are making a fashion statement. You are influencing  fashion and our culture every day you get dressed.

Men have always enjoyed fashion, from the Pharaohs, to the modern hipsters. Now most men don’t spend their time looking at Vogue or watching What Not To Wear, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not part of their lives.

It may seem nigh impossible to come up with any sort of guidelines for how to dress like a man. If you look at the wide variation in fashion from my parents’ generation to now and even within my current generation, there doesn’t seem to be any rules or logic.

There are some things to keep in mind, no matter what style or look you are going for.

Think about the context: You shouldn’t wear the same clothing you wear to paint your house as you would to a job interview. Sports game attire doesn’t fly at most weddings and your work uniform is just weird for a Friday night out with friends. A huge sign of immaturity and one of the most laughable fashion mistakes is not wearing the appropriate dress for occasions. If you’re not sure what to wear: ask. You’d rather be that person who is laughed at for asking, than the person who is laughed at for showing up dressed inappropriately.

Wear clothes that fit: A guy who wears a shirt that is too small to show off his muscles looks just as ridiculous as a guy whose pants are so big he can barely walk in them. Yes, some looks incorporate different kinds of “fits.  Even within that there are levels of wearing things that work. One strategy people often employ to hide parts of their body they don’t like is to wear clothes that don’t really fit. That doesn’t work: EVER.

Wear your clothing: If you are wearing a suit with a dress shirt and tie, button up the top button of the jacket when you stand up, and keep the top button of your shirt buttoned and your tie, snug up against your neck. Pull up your dress pants to your waistline and wear appropriate shoes.  It’s uncomfortable, I know, deal with it. If you’re going to wear an article of clothing or an outfit, wear it right or not at all. Little boys are the ones who complain that a suit isn’t comfortable or is too hot, not men.

Walk the walk: When you are on the basketball court in workout gear you should walk and carry your body in a different way than when you are wearing a tuxedo. If you’re not sure what I mean, the shoes and the clothing will help you figure this out. Suits fit better when you don’t slouch and when you actually pick up your feet and walk, it’s a lot easier to work a pair of dress shoes.

Love what you wear: Explore different kinds of fashion and styles. Try on things that you don’t initially like, give something new a try. Don’t get hung up on brand names and logos. Sometimes they are signs of quality, many time they aren’t. Look instead for quality. Take pride in how you look.

Fashion for men is an expression of who you are, but it’s not a billboard. Men don’t scream about who they are through their clothes.  Instead, let the subtlety and the style of your dress invite people to discover the man that you are and seriously, never leave the house in a pair of pajama pants. 

It's never okay.  

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