Wednesday, January 1, 2014



  1. Hi guys!! I've been reading you blog ever since I decided to get a Sheltie with my husband. I live in Brazil. Buffy is the sweetest sheltie we've seen so far, and she seems so smart. Do you mind telling what do you feed her? I read in an old post that you give her a holistic dog food... which one is it? And do you supplement it also with anything?

    Thank you in advance, and congratulations on the blog and nice family ;)

  2. We feed her Fromm's Adult Gold ( For a while we mixed it with some salmon oil, but we haven't done that for about a year. Buffy likes to have kibble mixed up with some stuff, so I often mix in a treat or some cooked chicken to make it a little bit more appetizing for her.

    Thanks for reading, I appreciate your support.