Monday, January 13, 2014

Parenthood: Week 33 - Poo

You don’t have to love everything about being a parent to love being a parent. I most definitely do not love changing poopy diapers even though I love Ollie to the moon and back (multiple times).

Diana and I started talking about poo way before Ollie came into our lives.  It started with Buffy. I learned that when you are caring for a living creature that can’t talk, besides energy level and the brightness of their eyes, all you got to tell how they are doing is their appetite, how they are sleeping and of course, their poo.

So yes, Buffy’s poo is a topic of daily conversation and when something seems weird about her poo, it’s important that we share with each other the details. Yes, this may seems weird and gross, but hey, that’s part of the gig.

With Buffy’s poo, we pick it up with poo bags, throw it out and once in a while we wipe her butt (there’s a lot of fur down there). Ollie on the other hand requires more intimate butt care.

I have a special relationship with Ollie’s poo. In the first week Ollie was home, he pooed on me (if you’re curious how, I’ll draw you a diagram). While Diana was recovering those first couple weeks, I did the laundry. It seemed like almost every single load had poo stains that I had to scrub out.

When I would complain about this my brother would mock me and say, “Just wait until Ollie starts eating solid foods, it will make you miss the breast milk poo.”

Now that Ollie has started eating solid foods, I don’t miss the exclusively breast milk diet poo.  However, I got to admit that solid food poo is pretty nasty.

What was once liquidity yellow and wiped off easily is now a thick brownish sludge. It does not wipe off easily and it smells,  REALLY smells. The smell and the sight of wouldn’t be so bad if not for the quantity. I’m not joking, it seems like Ollie poos half his body weight sometimes.

One reason I would never want to live in another time period is because they wouldn’t have as advanced diapers. Yes we have blow outs but for the most part, the diapers somehow manage to keep this deluge of brown sludge in his diaper. Keeping all of it in means that this stuff gets all over Ollie’s crotch, but hey it’s better than getting it all over his pants . . . and me.

I still volunteer to change diapers because no matter how many diapers I change, it will never make up for the amount of child-care Diana has done and continues to do.  Even though I volunteer, there’s a moment of hesitation and a silent prayer that the diaper will just be a pee diaper. Here’s the thing: I want Ollie to have poopy diapers. A constipated baby is NOT a happy baby, but I really don’t want to clean up the poo. There is nothing in my life that I’ve wanted to happen and dread at the exactly same time like a poopy diaper.

In addition to Buffy’s poo, now we talk about Ollie’s poo.  My parents even recommended to me that Diana and I tell each other about our poo.  Well, I do this in some cases especially since I have Crohn’s disease (read all about it in these posts).

There's always going to be "poopy diapers" to take care of for Ollie.  I imagine teaching Ollie to drive and having certain "talks" with him will not be fun for me but will need to happen and in the end will be good for both of us.

Acknowledge the parts of parenting that you don't like.  If you say that love everything about being a parent, you're not being honest with yourself.  Not enjoying changing poopy diapers doesn't mean you don't care about your kid.  Changing them despite the fact that it's disgusting shows how much you love your little one. 

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