Monday, July 21, 2014

Parenthood: Week 60: Top 5 Things I Rock At As A Parent

Last week, I listed off the stuff I suck at as a parent.  This week, I got the top 5 things that I’m actually good at. Yes, my arm will probably get sore from patting myself on the back but when you’ve been doing this parenting grind for a while, it’s important that you take some time to be proud of what you actually do well.

5. Taking Pictures 
When my sister-in-law was pregnant, my brother got into photography. His amazing pictures of his daughter inspired me to get a good DSLR camera and learn how to take photos. I had a Canon point and shoot I used to take pictures of Buffy as she grew up but this new camera opened up a new dimension of photography. I have no photography training, but I have a good eye and have learned a lot through experience. One of these days we will get a professional photographer to take a picture of Ollie, but with the photos I’ve managed to get, I don’t feel a strong motivation to hire one.

4. The Diaper Change 
I used to be pretty bad at this (check out this post on “Adventures In Diaper Changes.”). It’s been over a year and I got this down. I’m fast, I ignore his screams and I know how to keep him from rolling over. Sometimes its unpleasant, okay it’s actually never pleasant, but after its done, I love picking him up, giving him a kiss and knowing he’s clean and comfortable.

3. Feeding Ollie 
Part of this has to do with how I taught Ollie how to use a bottle, which I discussed in this earlier post. Now that Ollie is eating solids, I cook for him and he likes most of what I give him. I have a lot of fun helping Ollie get food into his mouth whether it’s using chopsticks, his baby utensils or simply sitting back and letting him cram handfuls of food in this mouth. No, there’s no airplane flying in for a landing to get that spoon in, but there are a lot of giggles and funny facial expressions.

2. Putting Ollie To Bed 
I love the challenge of putting Ollie down. I don’t give up easy (which I demonstrated in this post) and I’ve developed a bag of tricks that has helped me get him to sleep. Now, I don’t get him down every time and there’s plenty of moments when I need to tag out and Diana needs to come in and take over. As bad as the screaming get, it never fails to warm my heart to have him sleeping in my arms.

1. Knowing My Son 
As a parent, I am most proud of the fact that I know my son. Ask me anything, Ollie’s food preferences, favorite book, song, or toy, and I have an immediate answer for you. I know the look in his eyes when he’s sad, the sound of the cry when he’s in pain and I know exactly how to position his arms so that he is most comfortable when he’s falling asleep. I have conversations with Ollie every day and while he’s only now beginning to talk, he’s told me about his world and his feeling since the day he’s been born, through his eyes, his body and his breath. Ollie is smart, curious, sometimes fearless and has an amazing sense of humor. He believes in the goodness of all people and the power of a smile. 

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