Friday, October 3, 2014

Year 5: Week 5 – The Honeymoon

This year I had my first honeymoon.

There’s this idea I’ve heard about ever since I started teaching about the “honeymoon period.” It’s this theory that kids are really well behaved and easy to teach during the first couple weeks of school and then they become a terror.

Why would this occur? There’s a couple theories. Some kids are simply scared of their teacher and this makes them straighten up. This fear eventually wears out and the kids start pushing the boundaries. Older students often give a teacher a chance, but once they see that the teacher doesn’t have their stuff together, they will dive right in and let the teacher have it.

In the past, I didn't experience a honeymoon period. If a class is going to be difficult, they usually start out difficult with me. This has led to having some pretty challenging starts to the school year. .

This year was different.

I was simply amazed with how smoothly this one class ran. They had great discussions, really dove into the activities without hesitation and worked together well. And then last week happened. It’s not that they were all that poorly behaved. They were actually quite typically with how much they interrupted each other and how many of them would talk out of turn.  That part of this change wasn’t that surprising. It was just simply shocking how quickly they made this change.

Probably what happened is that the class was giving me a chance, which I appreciate, but then at some point they decided to start acting real. .

I prefer what I experienced in earlier years, with not having a honeymoon period. I guess it’s nice to have a softer start of the year with a group of kids but I would much rather start the year with the kids pushing boundaries immediately.

Maybe the reason I haven't had honeymoon periods in the past is because I'm not a intimidating teacher at all and I'm pretty real with my kids from day 1.  I don't try to put on a front that I am more serious than I actually am.  I don't do the whole "don't smile until November," thing.  It's just not me and feels disingenuous.

I guess my honeymoon was nice, but the trip away wasn’t worth the rough landing back into reality.

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