Monday, October 13, 2014

Parenthood: Week 72 – Super-cute

Last week Ollie was being super-cute.

The other day we taught him the baby sign-language gesture for “read.” He picked up this sign in under an hour and during our family story-time he made this gesture as soon as we finished a book. Did we repeat certain books multiple times? Yes. Did story time last far longer than planned? Yes. But it was just so cute.

Ollie’s ability to walk has really taken off this past week. At the beginning of the week he could walk but only if he had something to pull up on. Now he can go from sitting to standing all by himself, though half the time he falls back on his butt.  It’s incredibly cute.

During the short window of time when he couldn’t get up by himself he would reach his hand up and grab my finger to pull him up. After a couple steps he would full and then look back and reach out for my finger. He didn’t really put a lot of weight on my finger; he just squeezed it to make sure I was there. Yeah that was pretty darn cute.

Ollie thinks its hilarious to put things on his head. We were outside in a playground and there was a layer of leaves on top of the woodchips. After swishing them around. He started picking them up and dropping them on the top of his head. Ollie thought that this was the funniest thing he had ever done. The leaves ended up going down his jacket and into his onesie. Even though this led to a minor-melt down because he was upset that there were leaves in his shirt, the time he was sprinkling them over his head was hilariously cute.

It wasn’t the first time that Ollie had eaten food from Chipotle but it was the first time I had gotten him the kids meal. I ordered him a chicken quesadillas. He didn’t really know what to do with it so I ripped off a small piece. Once he tried it and liked it, he wanted to rest of the quesadilla. Instead of taking small bites like when he eats a piece of toast, he balled it up and shoved into his mouth. The whole thing didn’t fit into his mouth but he managed to take bites and somehow that ball of cheeses and tortillas disappeared in one of the cutest ways possible.

I brought Ollie upstairs to hang out with Diana. He walked over to his bin of toys and books and brought over the Belly Button Book. He sat down with the book and proceeded to try to find his own belly button. Because he was wearing a onesie that snapped between his legs he couldn’t find it. He was very concerned as he poked himself trying to find his little “bee bo.” So I lifted up my shirt.  Ollie smiled up and me crawled over and giggled as he poked at my belly button. Seriously this boy is super-cute.

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