Monday, September 28, 2015

Parenthood: Week 120 – I See The Moon . . .

“Fine, we can read Goodnight Moon.”

That wasn’t what Ollie wanted, he literally wanted to go outside and say goodnight to the moon. It seemed like a request to read a book as many of our books feature a moon, including one book where a bear tries to give a hat to the moon and is somehow successful.

We got Buffy’s leash on and as a family we went out to our front yard to look for the moon. We walked around until we found a clearing between the tree branches and saw the moon shining brightly in the night sky. Ollie pointed up at the moon with amazement.

I explained how the moon was very big but because it was far away it was so small. Ollie responded “moon small, moon big.” We stood there in silence, Ollie in Diana’s arms, and me standing next to Ollie with Buffy at my side. After a moment of silence, Diana sang “I See The Moon.”

The entire time Diana sang, Ollie gazed up at the moon, his eyes wide with amazement with a calm and peaceful look on his face. When Diana finished singing, he whispered “again,” and Diana softly kissed Ollie’s cheek and began singing again.  We stood there for another moment of silence and then went back inside.

The next evening, Ollie request to see the moon but it was overcast when Diana took him outside to try to find it. The following evening, Ollie got to say goodnight to the moon again with his babysitter. Then last night, the night of the supermoon lunar eclipse, Ollie, Diana, Buffy and I went out and gazed upon the most brilliant full moon I have ever seen in my entire life.

I don’t know how Ollie got the idea in his head to go outside and say goodnight to the moon. I’m not really a star-gazer and neither is Diana. But in this simple request, he got us to stop what we were doing, slow down and appreciate one of the most amazing sights in the history of human civilization.

Diana and I understand being obsessive. We both geek out about things all of the time, so we appreciate when Ollie wants to read the same book over and over. There is something different about wanting to see the moon every night. It feels organic, earthly and spiritual at the same time. We try not to have Ollie watch more than a half an hour of television a day, but I’d have no problem if he some day wanted to spend an hour gazing at the stars.

Ollie has brought a lot of beautiful experiences into our lives and I would have never went outside to see that supermoon if it wasn't for Ollie.  I don't know how he knew that it was important for us to go outside to see this cosmic event, but somehow he did.  For this moment we shared gazing at the moon, I will forever be grateful to him.  

There is magic in my son.

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