Monday, February 15, 2016

Parenthood: Week 140 – The Potty Train

Parents have different priorities. Some parents prioritize reading while others makes sure that everything their child eat is organic. There are parents who choose to use cloth diapers while others teaching their children to throw a ball at a very early age. We all make choices about parenting and this prioritization means that some things are not focused on.  Potty training hasn’t been at the top of the list.

Now, we are in day two of potty training. Yes, we got the potty a couple months ago and have had potty books around the house but we had not fully committed to getting this done. Like everything else in parenting, there are many different approaches and philosophies when it comes to potty training. Diana asked around, we got a book, she read it (I’ll start it soon) and now here we are, in the second day of not leaving the house, having Ollie sit on the potty regularly and watching him like a hawk.

It’s going pretty well. Ollie is using the potty, the, he’s starting to ask for the potty and he’s feeling pretty proud of himself. It helps that it’s below freezing outside, so we aren’t really motivated to leave the house anyways and we have a long weekend. Honestly, it’s not all that different from potty-training Buffy, which I took the lead on (Diana is doing a great job taking the lead with Ollie).

The nice thing about doing potty-training this way is that you can’t really do much else except hang out with your kid. You have to watch your child so carefully for signs that he or she needs to go, that you can’t really do much else. Normally, if Ollie’s doing a puzzle for example I can cook some dinner, with this potty training I have to pay attention to him. So we are actually playing with him more and reading more books with him than we normally would on the weekend.

I hesitated to get going with potty training because diapers are really convenient. There’s a whole other world of accidents and attempting to find bathrooms for your child when you are out of house that I am not looking forward too, but that will pass eventually.

Parenting is not about getting to a point when you are comfortable with your child’s current developmental needs. It’s about helping them move through developmental milestones, which requires constant adaptation and learning from you as a parent.

Ollie learning how to do new things and becoming more independent is exciteing but it’s also challenging. When Ollie learned how to walk, it created many challenges as there were completely different things that we had to keep Ollie from getting into, but after some time, this doesn’t feel like a thing. I’m sure that I will be able to say the same thing about potty training and parenting a “potty trained” toddler in time.

It’s nice to put life on pause and focus on Ollie. I may be a little paranoid, making Ollie stand on bath mats and sit on towels just in case he has an accident, but he doesn’t seem to mind doing this for me. He’s has had accidents in the past two and it’s not so bad, but still . . .

Chugga-Chugga-Poo-Poo!! All aboard the potty train!!!

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